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Marketing that keeps customers coming back

Improve conversions and loyalty by delivering personalized experiences at scale with Oracle B2C Marketing. Learn how to create meaningful, consistent customer journeys across all channels using real-time data.

Marketing that keeps customers coming back

Webinar: Leveraging the latest mobile marketing trends

Get an intro to our B2C marketing solutions Get an intro to our B2C marketing solutions

Get a glimpse into our products and find out how they can help you personalize campaigns and win over customers at the exact moment of interest.

Oracle’s B2C Marketing has the tools you need to:

  • 01Improve campaign management

    Produce stellar personalized campaigns that increase engagement and get better results with the help of analytics. Scale without sacrificing customer preferences.

  • 02Increase customer loyalty

    Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement helps you keep customers coming back with attractive loyalty programs that reward members for spending and connecting with your brand.

  • 03Test and optimize

    Create optimized customer journeys with Oracle Maxymiser. Make better, data-driven decisions that improve experiences on websites and mobile apps.

  • 04Be strategic with content management

    Level up your content strategy with relevant experiences that keep customers’ attention. It’s content at scale using the power of AI with Oracle Content Management.

  • 05Unify customer data

    Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform simplifies all your online, offline, and third-party data sources with a dynamic and connected customer profile.

  • 06Make behavioral intelligence actionable

    Optimize customer journeys with Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence. Import behavioral data, apply intelligence, and dynamically offer personalized, recommended experiences.

Red Bull and Oracle customer story

Red Bull Racing Honda teams up with Oracle for an unrivaled fan experience

Formula 1 fans get the inside track on the Red Bull Racing Honda team’s performance through real-time stats, insights, and personalized experiences powered by Oracle B2C Marketing.

Convert and retain customers

  • Personalized B2C marketing for micromoments

    Learn how to better engage consumers with personalized experiences across all channels.

  • Essential strategies for customer loyalty marketing

    Learn five steps to getting started with customer loyalty marketing.

  • Take the Oracle B2C Marketing product tour

    See how our products deliver consistent, personalized experiences across channels.