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Oracle Sales Automation

Improve seller productivity and deal success by automating time-consuming data entry and manual tasks. Give sellers a faster path to critical records so they can spend less time making CRM updates or searching for information and more time selling.

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On-demand webinar: Help sellers focus on the right actions

Learn how to transform your sales processes to help your sellers focus on the right actions at the right time to win revenue.

Does your CRM leave money on the table?

Read our latest report to see how sellers really feel about their CRM and what can be done to improve their situations.

Explore Oracle Sales Automation

AI-driven sales automation and productivity

Close more deals faster with Oracle’s CRM. Increase sales productivity and improve every interaction with AI-driven sales force automation. Have your sellers spend less time managing and updating their CRM and more time engaging with prospective customers.


Complete customer data

Use clean, complete customer data to gain a deeper understanding of your prospects and customers across all interactions. Eliminate the time wasted hunting for information and provide sales teams direct access to critical customer insights. Easily enhance those insights with AI-fueled first- and third-party data to better engage with your prospects.

Making sense of data quality and enrichment (PDF)

User experience

Improve seller productivity with a CRM built for sellers. Oracle Sales’s Redwood user experience helps sellers complete tasks without hunting through drop downs or multiple screens. Support how your people choose to work with prebuilt integrations that use common communication and collaboration tools. And automate CRM updates so your sellers can focus on selling, not data entry.

What is CRM? The complete guide

Guided selling

Remove the guesswork from the selling process with AI-driven recommendations that determine the next-best action for each account. Automate tasks associated with deal progression and daily sales activities, such as customer discovery, outreach, and engagement, so sellers spend less time determining what to do next and more time completing tasks and engaging with customers.

Making sense of guided selling (PDF)

Sales productivity

Easily give your sellers the right information when they need it. Use your voice to be fully productive in the times and places you prefer. With a conversational UI that understands the way you naturally speak and text, you can talk to your CRM to easily complete tasks and get work done quickly and efficiently.

Explore new virtual sales capabilities

Align individual goals with your company’s sales strategy

Help your teams perform better with sales performance management tools built on a foundation of connected data and powered by advanced AI.


Sales performance dashboards

Dynamically track sales performance with verified data. Improve overall sales performance with contest and goal metrics within individual and team dashboards.

Oracle ranks first for Revenue Performance Management

Territory management

Improve your territory planning and balance your sales regions. Use AI-enabled lead scoring to create and modify even the most complex sales territories to match your current business needs.

Making sense of territory management (PDF)

Quota management

Calculate sales quotas using data and intelligence—not intuition—to improve pipeline results. Understand all options and be prepared for change, using best-case, worst-case, and conservative what-if scenario modeling.

Why do 1/3 of sellers struggle to hit quota?

Incentive compensation

Understand and improve your team’s driving motivations with what-if modeling of different scenarios to optimize your compensation plan.

Explore incentive compensation

Drive sales alignment and performance to plan

Set, analyze, and adjust individual and team quotas to motivate sellers and increase their agility. Use predictive analytics to improve modeling and identify optimal territory assignments.


Quota planning

Calculate sales quotas using data and intelligence—not intuition—to improve pipeline results. Understand all options and be prepared for change, using best-case, worst-case, and conservative what-if scenario modeling.

Account planning

Develop the right promotion strategies, foster collaboration, and run what-if scenarios with a data-driven sales and promotion planning tool.


Deliver more accurate forecasts and advanced statistical predictions with the data from your sales pipeline and financial actuals.

Oracle Sales Automation customer successes

View more customer successes

Learn how leading companies around the world use Oracle Sales Automation to close more deals, improve productivity, and improve every customer interaction.

How do sellers feel about SFA?

Sellers feel that their sales force automation technologies are helpful, but falling short.

33%want SFA to do more than data entry
78%want tools to automate data entry or generic tasks
67%want tools to automatically qualify leads

Key benefits—Sales automation

01Understand your customers and prospects on a deeper level

Get a complete view of past and present customers by natively connecting CRM and back-office data so you can react to buyer signals quickly and intelligently.

How to provide sellers the tools to interpret buyer signals

Learn how to do digital sales right (PDF)

02Improve the efficiency of your sellers

Use guided-selling tools, smart lists, adaptive search, configurable dashboards, and intelligent recommendations on the devices your sellers choose.

Fall in love with your—more efficient—CRM again

See the powerful productivity tools in Oracle Sales Automation

03Enable more relevant sales conversations

Drive better sales outcomes through integrated sales and marketing, guiding sellers to the right customer targets, campaign priorities, and outreach activities.

How a unified customer engagement platform delivers better sales outcomes

Guide and personalize the entire sales experience from lead to sale (PDF)

May 9, 2022

CRM should work for sellers, not the other way around

Annie Calfo, Product Marketing Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX

Traditional CRM solutions have forgotten about sellers. Historically more focused on record-keeping and leadership tracking, they may help managers plan and forecast, but they don't help sellers sell.

That’s why Oracle is investing in a CRM solution that works for sellers—not the other way around. With easier access to complete customer data, helpful recommendations, and a better user experience, sellers can work smarter, not harder.

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