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Oracle Knowledge Management

Provide customer service organizations with consistent, accurate, and searchable knowledge content through digital, agent-assisted, and self-service channels. The solution offers customers and agents natural language processing search, analytics about the content being used, and authoring and publishing tools so service organizations can help customers find solutions to their problems more quickly.

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Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by delivering easy access to accurate answers to customers’ questions. Increase agent satisfaction, decrease turnover, and reduce incident handling time in the contact center by giving agents the knowledge they need to do their jobs well.

Knowledge creation and management

Increase the speed at which you develop information to support your customers and call center agents. Create knowledge articles and other materials with easy-to-use, customer-defined content templates to quickly deliver the most appropriate answers where needed.

Content authoring

Gain efficiencies and scale with easy-to-use, customer-defined content templates that you can use to create articles, announcements, news, FAQs, guides, and more. An auto-save feature lets you work at your own pace, making sure that content is not lost during the creation process.

Content maintenance

Use a broad set of content contributors to build the best possible knowledge repository. Let your subject matter experts view, comment on, and approve updates using a workflow engine that efficiently manages the content creation process.

Intelligent advice

Embed an Intelligent Advisor interview within the body of a knowledge article to provide dynamic, personalized, and rich scenarios for customers and service agents.

Rich media support

Develop and deliver a wide variety of content types and meet custom content requirements by easily including videos, images, PDFs, and other media so customers and service agents can pick the type of content that meets their needs.

Versioning and control

Build additional levels of consistency and quality into your content with a full audit history and comprehensive version control.

Intelligent, contextual search

Get the right knowledge to employees, customers, and partners with proactive and intelligent search capabilities.

Natural language search

Improve search results, increase relevancy, simplify search maintenance, and enable more natural conversations with a solution that automatically understands of the nature of the question.

Federated search

Search relevant content within multiple data sources at once, including authored knowledge and sources external to your knowledgebase.

Deep search

Ensure that users find the best answer quickly. With a full index of documents and an analysis of document structure, users are led to the exact answer to their question.

Smart excerpts

Go beyond simply delivering the best content. Show relevant excerpts—from within any document type—with the matching words and phrases highlighted so answers appear front and center.

Contact center agent support

Call center agents can easily access knowledge without leaving the service request. A natural language processing (NLP) engine proactively recommends and prominently displays the most relevant knowledge article—at the very top of the service request window.

Faceted navigation

Make it easier to fine-tune search results by allowing users to filter and sort results based on specific product attributes.

Global knowledge and language management

Provide global users with a seamless customer experience in various languages including article translation and language comparison. Easily translate articles across multiple touchpoints with side-by-side translation.

Comprehensive language support

Reach more of your users in their native tongue with more than 33 supported languages.

Efficient translation

Efficiently translate articles to make them available in other languages with side-by-side translation for easy navigation across multiple touchpoints.

Global search

Use cross-lingual search to enable global organizations to leverage knowledge assets in multiple languages.

Single, cross-channel knowledge management

Make knowledge easy to find everywhere—in any environment, on any page, within any app, through any channel, or across any device.

Contact center agent user interface

Provide easy-to-use, personalized knowledge management tools in your call center. Service agents can easily access knowledge without leaving the service request, bookmark favorite articles, share and link to recommended articles, and more.

Self-service experience

Give customers self-service capabilities that use context-based search and NLP through digital assistants/chatbots.

Embedded/mobile knowledge

Put knowledge where it's needed—directly in a product, appliance, game console, service request, or mobile app.

Internal help desk

Support knowledge in your internal help desk portal, providing employees with self-service capabilities for inquiries around benefits, company policies, IT, and more.

Advanced analytics and insights

Use prebuilt reports for insights into knowledge usage, customer interactions, resolution performance, and any content gaps in your knowledge repository.

Knowledgebase effectiveness

Better understand the effectiveness of your knowledgebase. See which knowledge articles are used to solve customer incidents and which have the lowest or highest deflection rates.

Search analysis

Classify the most and least popular answers. Gain insight into the most- and least-used search terms.

Answer analysis

Discover outdated content by tracking how knowledge is authored and published, learn which articles are most popular by usage, and discover bottlenecks.

Document control reports

Gain insights into the effectiveness of document revisions, updates, and re-approval processes.

Report builder

Create custom reports quickly and easily with the drag-and-drop report builder. Leverage an assortment of prebuilt reports.

NRMA streamlines for patrol services

The NRMA streamlines knowledge for its patrol services with Oracle Knowledge Management

"Oracle Knowledge Advanced has provided us with a superior authoring and information delivery capability to take us into the future."

— Mark Williams, Senior Manager, Motoring Technologies and Support Services, NRMA

Knowledge management customer successes

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Learn why companies across all industries use Oracle Knowledge Management to capture and deliver the information customers need. Click on any logo to learn more.

Key benefits—knowledge management

01Consolidate cross-company knowledge

Easily capture and retain the knowledge from all of your most senior employees and share knowledge to improve employee onboarding, training, and overall job satisfaction.

02Increase customer satisfaction and while reducing employee turnover

Increase agent satisfaction, decrease agent turnover, and reduce incident handling time in your contact center by providing agents with easy access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs well.

03Consistent customer experience and speedy issue resolution

Increase customer loyalty and advocacy with consistent, accurate, and findable knowledge content through digital, agent-assisted, and self-service channels.

Five steps to perfect your digital customer service strategy (PDF)

04High return on investment (ROI)

Manage your operational costs while improving your service efficiency to meet your employees’ and customers’ needs.

May 16, 2022

Customers and employees: untapped resources for high-quality knowledge management content

Jodie Knox, Principal Product Manager, Knowledge Management, Oracle Advertising and CX

Your customers and service agents are outstanding resources. With a little planning and a few simple strategies, you can use their expertise to help you create new content and refresh your knowledgebase.

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