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Database Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c for the latest capabilities and long-term support. Accelerate upgrades and migrations with a range of database utilities including the AutoUpgrade tool—which can identify and often automatically resolve migration-blocking issues.

Download the latest version of the AutoUpgrade tool for Oracle Database

Database upgrades and migrations

Complete a simpler, faster, and more predictable upgrade process. Learn more about upgrading Oracle Database with AutoUpgrade by exploring resources, documentation and more.

Hands-free upgrades

Use the Quickstart to plan the upgrade. Upgrade from and higher with the AutoUpgrade Tool using one command and one configuration file, after installing the new binaries and configuring the new release Oracle home(s).

Direct upgrades

Discover which older database releases can be upgraded in one step to Oracle Database 19c or higher.

Move data and metadata among Oracle Databases and Oracle Cloud

Consider Data Pump best practices for high-speed, parallel export and import of data and metadata. Migrate faster and easier with Data Pump Full Transportable Export and Import. Adhere to Oracle Cloud migration best practices.

Fast external data ingest

Perform high-speed data filtering and loading from external files into Oracle Database tables using Oracle SQL*Loader Express Mode Loading. Access data in external sources as External Tables from SQL, PL/SQL and embedded SQL.

Move to Oracle Database 19c

  • Take advantage of new and improved capabilities in Oracle Database Release 19c

    Oracle Database 19c offers the productivity, manageability and security benefits of a converged database and the longest term of support.

    Learn about Oracle Database key benefits

  • Move to the long-term supported release of Oracle Database

    The long-term support for Oracle Database 19c provides the highest level of release stability and longest duration of support and bug fixes, giving you the most stable platform for your applications.

    Learn more about Oracle Database 19c

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