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Solutions for Manufacturing

Oracle @ Hannover Messe 2021

Learn how to accelerate global product, service and business model innovation; speed time to market share; anticipate and exceed customer expectations.

Make the revolution count for your business

Depending on who you are talking to, Industry 4.0 is the latest big thing, the next big thing, or in a few cases the last big thing in Manufacturing. What is clear is organisations are reaching a level of maturity with many of Industry 4.0's key components, namely: IoT, data, hyperconnectivity, and seamless collaboration.

Organisations should be viewing this cyberphysical vision of Manufacturing as a business enabler rather than just a technology trend. Which is why Oracle is thinking about managing and maximising the Industry 4.0 transformation across the entire value chain (encompassing facilities, inventory, and production) as Business 4.0.

Fourth Industrial Revolution Aviation Plane
Innovation is a mindset

Make innovation simple and straightforward, and the minds and bodies will easily follow.

Certified origins

Keep track of complex financial data.

Blockchain - enabling a network of trust

Blockchain really is the simple solution to delivering your tomorrow, today.

Trends in Manufacturing

Connected Value Chain

The industrial manufacturing industry is changing fast and those that want to survive need to change with it.

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Connected Service

Servitisation delivering on customer expectation.

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Connected Factory

Explore what the future looks like for industrial manufacturing.

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