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Work Made Human: Innovation for the New Workplace

Abrupt shifts have altered today’s workplace. To adapt, organizations and their HR departments must focus on diversity, skill development, and employee experience. Join thought leaders, executives, and HR practitioners to learn real-world strategies for creating inclusive, productive work environments.

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Strategies to improve learning, diversity, and the employee experience

Concentrating on employee needs—whether skill acquisition, an inclusive environment, or a personalized work experience—drives business growth and improves outcomes. Hear from HR leaders who are:

  • Building critical competencies to bridge rapidly changing skill requirements
  • Embedding diversity, inclusion, and equity into everyday processes
  • Delivering streamlined work experiences that prioritize both productivity and employee well-being

Join us and focus on the human aspects of work.


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The State of HR in the New Workplace

Industry experts discuss the current state of HR and trends impacting the new workplace. You’ll hear about the heightened focus on diversity and inclusion, the importance of bridging the skill gap, and why employee experience matters.

Workforce Resiliency: Playing a Bigger Role for Customers

Pandemic-related stresses have forced organizations and individuals to adapt. Learn how Oracle has addressed these pressures within our organization to ensure we support and empower our customers to provide critical services.

The Future of HR is You

HR leaders worldwide share their approaches to building high-priority diversity and inclusion programs, addressing and filling the skills gap, and creating a culture focused on employee experience.

The Shift and Predictions for the Future

Join Oracle HCM Cloud product experts as they discuss the rapid changes facing our customers and the resilience these customers have shown as the pandemic continues. Learn what Oracle is doing to support them through innovation.