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Benefits for Qualifying Fintechs

Oracle’s expertise and relationships across financial services provide rich opportunities for our fintech partners. With our growing online partner catalog and the opportunity to be included in Oracle’s leading cloud-based industry solutions, we can help you refine your offerings, increase your profile, and expand your opportunities.

Scaling Your Business

  • Joint pursuit of Oracle’s financial services customers
  • Comarketing opportunities at events and through social media
  • Promotion on the Oracle fintech website and partner catalog
  • Sell and bill on your behalf to accelerate your procurement cycles (available in select markets)
  • Unmatched pricing, performance ,and enterprise security controls to meet the needs of financial services

Integrate with the Oracle Ecosystem

  • Recommendations for integrating with the Oracle ecosystems (open banking, ERP, CX applications)
  • Inclusion in Oracle’s leading cloud-based industry solutions

Mentorship and Support

  • Technical support for onboarding and migration to Oracle Cloud
  • Access to discounted cloud credits
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“We chose Oracle’s Gen 2 cloud as it is designed to meet cloud security principles which are table-stakes for taking banking computing to the cloud.”

Cesar Richardson, Head of Alliances, Strands

Sharing from Oracle Ecosystem Partners

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Real-Time Cognitive Decisioning

The Oracle Banking APIs ... have been very well designed, they are very comprehensive. A lot of thought has been put into the parameters and the return values for each of the APIs.
Anand Ranganathan, Co-founder & VP of Solutions
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Financial Health Platform and Marketplace

We were actually able to integrate 6 of the 1500+ APIs that Oracle offers, and this really allowed us to work towards bringing a better solution to market for both financial Institutions and our users.
Karen Rios, Co-Founder & CEO, Lifesaver
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Digitizing Onboarding Process

Oracle has a platform that customers already use, and the start-ups then plug onto this platform and so the customers are now comfortable working with these start-ups, with these fintechs themselves, and this combination I think is going to add huge value to the industry.
Ankit Ratan, Co-Founder, Signzy
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Optimizing Post-Trade Institutional Payment Transfers

Oracle’s expertise in database technologies, business applications and infrastructure allows us to leverage it for quicker time to market.
Mohammad Abidi, Director of Engineering

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