Clinical and financial operations

Solve the challenges facing your healthcare organization using a variety of financial, clinical, and operational strategies. Oracle Health can help you deliver data-driven care by making data usable and actionable, simplifying care delivery, and reimagining the healthcare experience.

Clinical and financial operations healthcare solutions

The products shown are intended as examples of what has been provided in specific cases. Each medical device/product is designed to comply with the regulations of the geography where it is used. However, we cannot assure its availability or compliance in other specific regions. Local adaptations may be necessary to meet regional requirements.

Use near real-time data to inform care

Empower your clinicians to establish workflow efficiencies with real-time health system (RTHS) tools and techniques. Transform your organization into an RTHS and use near real-time data from many sources to achieve clinical, operational, and financial excellence.

Oracle Health Patient Flow

Optimize bed management and automate job assignments for environmental services and patient transportation to improve patient throughput, and access clinical and operational data to gain visibility into the current operational state of your facility.

Oracle Health Clinical Operations Whiteboard

Address documentation redundancies, get visibility into admission, transfer, and discharge activity, and improve communication with a unit-level, near real-time dashboard.

Workforce and workload management

Analyze data from multiple sources to objectively forecast staffing needs based on individual patient conditions and assign the most appropriate caregiver.

Prioritize the patient experience

Streamline workflows so your revenue cycle teams can focus on what matters—creating compassionate patient experiences.

  • Provide your community with convenience and transparency when seeking care by streamlining the patient financial experience across digital and staff-assisted workflows.
  • Improve confidence in billing accuracy by transforming how teams collaborate across a clinically driven revenue cycle to capture charges, coordinate authorization requirements, and predict financial obligations.
  • Allow your revenue cycle teams to focus on their most important work by providing timely, embedded payer intelligence and automation tools.
  • Enable your revenue cycle leaders to measure, predict, and optimize financial performance with targeted analytics capabilities.

Use data to drive decisions and improve outcomes

Healthcare is complicated, but your data doesn’t have to be. Oracle Health can help you normalize and transform your data—including data from EHRs and payers and even nontraditional data, such as demographic and socioeconomic data—into healthcare insights so you can spend less time searching for and preparing data and more time acting on it.

  • We empower you to use data by breaking through data silos across clinical, financial, operational, and nontraditional data systems, such as health equity–related data sources.
  • We can help you visualize and communicate your data by integrating healthcare insights into business and clinical workflows through action-inspiring data storytelling that uses interactive analytic visualizations that go beyond bar charts and graphs.
  • We can help you transform data into meaningful healthcare insights that can impact clinical and business mindset and behavior. Whether your aim is to reduce risk, decrease bias, contain costs, or manage performance, it’s critical to have analytics and insights at the center of your decision-making process.

Build a connected healthcare ecosystem

Unleash the healing power of data by connecting venues of care, technologies, payers, and care teams. By forming a comprehensive, communitywide information network that focuses not just on symptoms, but on a holistic view of each patient—including details such as their health history, mental health, and motivators, social and environmental factors, and more—we can help you promote better coordinated care and healthier populations and outcomes.

Provide coordinated care to promote healthy communities

  • Better manage chronic conditions and promote wellness by using data to identify care gaps for individuals and communities and connecting care teams with their patients—no matter where they are.
  • Break through data silos and connect information across venues of care to provide actionable insights and improve clinical and financial decision-making. We have connected standardized and non-standardized data from more than 130 EHR sources, 120 payer sources, and 345 data systems. *
  • Use our advanced analytics solutions, powered by clinical and social determinants of health data, to inform your population health and care management strategies and make the most of your community investments.

* As of January 2022

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