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Self-Service Hotel and Casino Kiosk Solutions

Give your guests the freedom to serve themselves with Oracle’s kiosk solutions. Guests can autonomously check in and out of the hotel, order food and drinks from a pantry, and bill it to their room. Kiosks can be deployed in any setting, from global hotel chains to independent hotels, casinos, and resorts. In today’s dynamic environment, more hospitality businesses are relying on kiosks to speed up the order process, increase guest spend, and reduce wait times.

How Do Self-Serve Kiosk Systems Work?

Self-service kiosks act as a guest self-order or self-check in system. This enables contactless self-service, which is becoming more popular in today’s marketplace. Guests enjoy the opportunity to buy, check-in and out, and much more — all on their own time.

Oracle Hospitality offers both the software and the hardware to make a kiosk solution work successfully for your operation. Our industry-leading OPERA Cloud Property Management and Oracle MICROS Simphony point-of-sale solution can run on our Oracle MICROS kiosk hardware or the kiosk hardware of a variety of vendors. With our easy-to-use APIs, integration is simple and fast. You choose the kiosk hardware that works best for you. As hoteliers adapt to the new needs of their guests, kiosks offer a platform that meets that need.

  • Faster service and reduced guests wait times
  • Increased efficiency and upsell opportunities
  • Improved food and beverage order accuracy
  • Easier data capture and loyalty enrollment
  • Guests order and pay at their convenience, building their order the way they want it
  • Automatically flow orders to the kitchen via integrated kitchen display systems
  • Customers are alerted when their orders are ready to collect
  • Guests can easily order further items by revisiting the kiosk
  • Allows guests to order snack items and bill it to their room
  • Operational efficiency enabling redeploying staff to where it is needed most
How Do Self-Serve Kiosk Systems Work?
Oracle MICROS Simphony and OPERA Cloud for Kiosk

The Robust Cloud-Based Hotel and Casino Kiosk System

Oracle hotel and casino kiosk solutions offer the ultimate in choice, functionality and ease of use. Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 can be easily modified into a guest-facing kiosk to be placed or mounted anywhere on your hotel or casino property. If you already work with a kiosk partner, Oracle MICROS Simphony point of sale software and OPERA Cloud Property Management can integrate to and run seamlessly on a vast array of partner kiosks. Deliver contactless, easy-to-use experiences for your guest with Oracle’s kiosk suite of solutions.

Versatile Food and Beverage Kiosk Software

Self-service kiosk software, powered by Oracle MICROS Simphony, can deliver exactly the type of service guests expect. Kiosk software that is fully integrated with your point of sale software is a must for best-in-class experiences. It allows a single point of truth where nothing is lost or missed. Hotels and casinos can easily collect data about consumer behavior, usage, and trends to help their business make better operational decision based on data.

  • Easy-to-use interface for guests
  • Intuitive customer journey and flow
  • Customized menu and photography
  • Upsell prompts
  • Built-in tipping options

Integrate your Hotel and Casino PMS with Kiosk Services

Offering a fully integrated property management system on a self-service kiosk allows your guests the freedom to service themselves. Easy-to-use interface for guests.

  • Intuitive customer journey and flow
  • Customized dashboard and photography
  • Upsell prompts
  • Built-in tipping options

Oracle MICROS Kiosk Hardware

The Oracle MICROS Kiosk, comprised of a Workstation 6 and a stand, comes as a floor stand with modular options to accommodate upfront and long-term physical flexibility. It is designed to accommodate landscape and portrait layouts.

  • Kiosks created from the same rugged, long-lasting Oracle MICROS hardware the industry has relied on for over 40 years
  • Easily pivot devices from customer-facing to staff-facing and back
  • Easily trail kiosks in your environments
  • Uncover into the best solution for your specific business objectives, operating model, and culture

Get a Free Self-Ordering Kiosk System Consultation

Whatever your goals, Oracle Hospitality is here to help. If your focus is increasing food and beverage revenue, enhancing your hotel experience for your guests, or integrating our hardware into your operations, Oracle Hospitality has the kiosk solutions to help you succeed.

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