Product Tour—Oracle Celebrate

Oracle Celebrate

Oracle Celebrate, part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform, delivers tailored, in-the-moment peer-to-peer recognition and holistic engagement insights that bring unsung heroes to the forefront and drive unique cultural values.

Link recognition moments to your company’s values

Foster your unique company culture by tailoring recognition programs to different segments of the organization, such as employees in a specific country or department, and tying your core values to moments of recognition. Drive specific behaviors by motivating employees to recognize their peers for milestone events or nominate them for awards, such as employee of the month.

Help employees feel valued and celebrate their peers every day

Motivate individuals to do their best work and acknowledge their peers’ contributions with a central recognition hub that gives them visibility into the recognition and redeemable rewards points they’ve received and easy ways to quickly recognize their peers.

Make it easy for individuals to recognize their peers in the moment

Deliver prebuilt templates for recognition based on eligibility and organizational values and embed generative AI to help employees create more-contextual and impactful notes of recognition. Build peer recognition into an individual’s daily routine—for example, by connecting on Slack or in weekly pulse surveys.

Bring unsung heroes to the forefront by sharing all recognition

Provide employees with visibility into all contributions from across the business with a social feed that captures team, business group, and organizationwide recognition.

Tie recognition efforts to business impact

Help managers ensure their team is being supported and recognized frequently and fairly with team and individual engagement insights. Get visibility into the adoption of recognition and rewards programs through analytics, with breakdowns by team, business group, and organization. Tie recognition efforts to business impact, such as attrition and DEI, using real-time, connected HCM insights.

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