Product Tour—Oracle Touchpoints

Oracle Fusion Cloud Touchpoints

Employees want to feel heard and valued every day. Oracle Touchpoints, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and the Oracle ME employee experience platform, provides a continuous listening and action channel between employees and managers that creates meaningful interactions to build trust, boost retention, and foster growth.

Listen and respond to your employees’ evolving needs

Capture employee sentiment directly through regular quick pulse surveys and scheduled check-ins. By receiving in-the-moment responses, managers can follow up and take relevant actions to provide each individual with personalized support.

Give your people the tools to get the support they need

Help employees take an active role in getting the support they need by providing one place where they can review their pulse trend and check-ins with their manager and take recommended actions.

Empower managers to know their team’s pulse trend

Provide managers with real-time insights into team and organization pulse trends so they can better understand and respond to sentiment and engagement levels. Help managers understand changes in engagement with a timeline showing each employee’s pulse scores and interactions.

Provide tools to help managers be better coaches and leaders

Drill into each team member’s weekly pulse survey score, view past and upcoming interactions, and get recommended actions to tailor guidance, support, and recognition to meet each employee’s immediate needs.

Encourage meaningful day-to-day interactions

Promote regular touchpoints between employees and managers with nudges to take recommended engagement actions based on interactions and employee data. Foster continuous, impactful conversations through scheduled and in-the-moment check-ins with recommended discussion topics related to goals and day-to-day activities.

Recognize your people for their efforts

Celebrate your employees’ achievements and contributions with messages that highlight important moments, such as career milestones and successful projects.

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