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Why choose Oracle over SAP?

Why bother stitching together and maintaining separate HR and back-office applications? Why pay for expensive middleware to get real-time insights into your workforce? Why rely on unproven partners and settle for a subpar experience? Skip the headaches. Oracle provides the most complete and unified cloud HCM solution, while seamlessly connecting with finance, supply chain, and all areas of your enterprise to help you run your business.

Excellence in EX: What really works

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Top 3 reasons to choose Oracle Cloud HCM

The most complete solution. Unlike solutions made from acquired products and external partnerships, Oracle gives you one unified, comprehensive, end-to-end, HR solution for Core Human Resources, Talent Management, Workforce Management, and Payroll. This means you get one solution with a consistent look and feel built for the cloud, from the ground up.

No third parties necessary. With Oracle, you don’t need to pay for and integrate products from other vendors for advanced functionality. We provide native support for Time and Labor to give you maximum visibility and control, Benefits to provide role-based offerings to your employees, and Workforce Health and Safety to mitigate spread of illness and incidents. But if you need to connect to a third-party product, our extensible platform allows you to do that easily.

Enterprise-wide visibility with no middleware. Oracle provides one cloud that unifies the entire enterprise across HR, finance, supply chain, and customer experience. All products have the same intuitive experience and share a common data model, giving you a single source of truth and real-time visibility into the rest of the business—without having to pay for expensive middleware and consultants.

What does a more human experience look like?

Oracle Cloud HCM transforms every experience

Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) provides the ease of use, personalization, and guided experiences that your workforce needs today:

  • Oracle Journeys, which enables HR teams to create, tailor, and deliver step-by-step guidance to walk employees through events as diverse as onboarding or having a baby.
  • AI-driven recommendations to suggest the next actions to take, improving decision-making and productivity.
  • A conversational digital assistant that provides fast answers and lets you complete tasks in a conversational way. Its mobile-first design means you get a consistent experience from every device, no apps required.

Cloud HCM customer successes

Customers across a wide range of industries use Oracle Cloud HCM, including leaders from financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare.

Arcelor mittal
The basics, like those built into Oracle Cloud HCM, were much stronger
than those of the competition. Oracle clearly understood how things should work.

Koen Mols HR Excellence Program, ArcelorMittal

Who is the right HR cloud partner?

We relentlessly innovate on behalf of our customers to ensure their success, investing US $6B annually in research and development, with 80% of our updates based on customer feedback. Our innovation is also focused on disruptive technologies—such as AI to simplify and automate processes and blockchain to improve process accuracy—helping our customers stay ahead. And with a record of hitting 98% of our roadmap commitments, our customers trust us to keep our promises so they can deliver on theirs.


Are you ready to make the move?

You know what you need to lead your workforce forward. We can help you get there. Oracle Consulting Services has a defined approach to move you from your SAP solutions to Oracle Cloud HCM efficiently and cost effectively.

See the latest innovations for Oracle Cloud HCM

  • Oracle Dynamic Skills

    Put the power of skills to work by bringing together skills data from across talent processes and your organization to connect employees with growth opportunities.

    Learn more about Dynamic Skills

  • Oracle Journeys

    Easy to create, configure, and share across the organization, Oracle Journeys helps guide employees through personal and professional transitions with ease.


    Learn more about Journeys

Suffering from broken promises made by Workday?

See how we can help. Compare Oracle to Workday.