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Oracle Education and Research

Technology is transforming the worlds of teaching, learning, and research by delivering the personalized, digital experiences students, faculty, and researchers expect. Oracle helps schools, higher education, and research institutions around the world enhance teaching and learning with innovative cloud solutions that improve student retention and success.

Innovative Cloud Solutions

Empower Teaching, Learning, and Research

Higher education and research have never been more challenging. Competition for the best students, researchers, and faculty is increasingly fierce. These constituents expect modern, personalized experiences and higher education institutions must embrace the latest technology to help accelerate research and improve student outcomes and success.

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Innovative Cloud Solutions for Tomorrow’s Smart Campus

Drive transformation with the most comprehensive solutions to deliver the experience and engagement your students, staff, and faculty expect.

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Empower Lifelong Learning

Personalize the student experience and deliver content in context. Drive greater student engagement and improve outcomes.

Reduce IT complexity, improve budget transparency and consistency, and enhance decision-making.

Create Tomorrow’s Research Environment, Today

Create Tomorrow’s Research Environment, Today

Oracle helps institutions to accelerate research at scale, using the very latest cloud high-performance computing infrastructure and platform solutions.

Customer Stories

Education and Research Customer Successes

Innovation in Education

Education and Research Learning Library

Webinar Featuring San Diego Unified School District
Webinar Featuring San Diego Unified School District

Hear from the Director of Fiscal Controls and Information Systems at San Diego Unified School District about their successful implementation of a capital project management tool, district-wide, enabling them to improve accountability, auditability, and productivity.

Student Cloud Webcast
Cloud-Based Success Strategies

Early adopters discuss how Oracle Student Cloud is transforming their institutions of higher learning.

How Cloud-Based Intelligence Can Drive Student Success
How Cloud-Based Intelligence Can Drive Student Success

AI and machine learning can help provide students with the personalized support they need, from enrollment all the way to graduation.

modern research runs in the cloud
Modern Research Runs in the Cloud

Humankind has always sought answers. Today, research—our pursuit of answers—is as crucial as ever, helping us discover, innovate, and solve problems, with diminishing resources.