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Integrated Venue POS Solutions

Oracle Food and Beverage supports leading stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and theme parks around the world with integrated point-of-sale (POS) solutions that help deliver excellent guest experiences.

Customer Stories

Sports and Entertainment Successes

North Queensland Stadium logo

North Queensland Stadium Orders Up Oracle to Serve Fans


North Queensland Stadium

New Australian entertainment venue, North Queensland Stadium, chooses Oracle to drive enhanced guest experience.

Toyota Stadium logo

From soccer to concerts: how Toyota Stadium makes event management simple with event based pricing and Simphony point of sale.


Toyota Stadium

Our main goal is to give all guests at our venue an amazing experience. Having the ability to change up our menu [with event based pricing and Simphony point of sale] definitely helps with this.
Miami Marlins logo

Miami Marlins simplify their staff meal program with loyalty solution from Oracle Food and Beverage.


Miami Marlins

"This allowed us to change from where we were for a long time to where we needed to be. A lot more teams should look into [Oracle Simphony] because it’s a time saver."

Drayton Manor Park logo

Drayton Manor Park unifies hotel, zoo, and theme park on integrated platform from Oracle Food and Beverage.


Drayton Manor Park

Oracle Simphony provides a single solution for point-of-sale, loyalty, inventory and payments across all Drayton Manor Park food and beverage outlets as well as their onsite 4-star hotel.

Indian Wells logo

Indian Wells serves tennis fans fast with Oracle Simphony Cloud POS.


Indian Wells

Oracle Hospitality's Sports and Entertainment solutions allow Indian Wells Tennis Garden to focus on fan experience by increasing operational efficiency. See how Simphony Cloud, Workstation 310s, and self-service kiosks are improving speed of service.


Kiosks for Speed

Lower labor costs. Larger orders. More transactions. Increased revenues. Just some of the benefits for food and beverage directors who have introduced self-service kiosks to their venues. Kiosks are no longer regarded as impersonal—they now offer greater opportunities for recognizing guests and tailoring the order experience, while simultaneously delivering the biggest benefit of all to the fan: speed of service. And kiosks are everywhere. According to a Chicago Tribune article, McDonald’s expects to remodel 650 restaurants this year alone, and equip all of its more than 14,000 domestic locations with kiosks by 2020. For venue operators, the key is combining an integrated kiosk solution with kitchen management systems to control orders. That’s where Oracle Food and Beverage can help.

Move Quickly with Cloud

Indian Wells serves fans fast with Simphony.

How does Indian Wells Tennis Garden serve food and drinks to 400,000 fans across 30 restaurants, bars, and concessions during their biggest tournament? Simphony Cloud point-of-sale solution and the latest hardware from Oracle Food and Beverage keep things moving, so fans get to see all of the action instead of standing in line.

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Ideas for Venues

Research Study

Stadium of the Future—Beyond Stadium POS

Mobile payments; paperless tickets; in-seat ordering; faster ordering at the stadium POS? Oracle asked: What do sports fans really want? Dig into the next generation of game day technology in our latest report.


Stadium and Venue Learning Library

Why Cloud?
Why Cloud? (PDF)

Learn why stadiums and venues should move their point of sale to the cloud.

Connected stadium
Connected Stadium (PDF)

Read the 20 ways in which stadiums can innovate for growth with technology.

Oracle for stadiums
Oracle for Stadiums

Find out why Oracle is committed to innovation for stadiums and venues.