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Explore Oracle Healthcare Products


Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud

Drive accurate and agile plans across finance and lines of business, analyze profitability and cost management, accelerate the financial close, and improve operations decision-making with Oracle ERP and EPM cloud solutions for healthcare.

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Supply Chain Management Cloud

Make better decisions faster with a planning model that controls your entire supply chain.

See all SCM

Human Capital Management Cloud

Engage employees and attract top talent with Oracle HCM Cloud for healthcare organizations.

See all HCM

Customer Experience (CX) Cloud

Improve the patient experience with relevant, data-driven insights through Oracle Customer Experience Cloud solutions.

See all CX

Analytics Cloud

Create a data-driven culture and improve success with Oracle Business Analytics cloud services.

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Transformational Cloud Technologies

Build, deploy, integrate, secure, and manage all your healthcare cloud applications more efficiently with a comprehensive, standards-based combination of Oracle and open source technologies.

See the Oracle Cloud Platform

Healthcare Analytics Platform

Improves care and minimizes costs by aggregating and organizing data, so healthcare professionals can discover new insights and make better-informed decisions, faster.


Healthcare Information Exchange

Allows real-time exchange of patient information between healthcare providers to enable better decisions, resulting in higher-quality care.


Master Person Index

Provides a single point of reference for unified information about a patient, clinician, payer, or other healthcare entity within and across organizations.


Translational Research

Enables the secondary use of electronic health records and omics data to help accelerate biomarker identification for drug discovery, clinical development, and translational medicine.


Health Insurance solutions

Simplify membership enrollment, premiums calculation, preauthorization and claims processing, benefits adjudication, and value-based reimbursement to achieve operational efficiency and reduce cost of care.


Revenue Management and Billing

Scale premiums billing across all lines of business on a single platform, adapt to changing reforms, reduce risk, and enhance operational efficiency and accuracy for better insights.

Deliver Tomorrow's Healthcare, Today

As technology advances continue to reshape the industry, providers and payers face a number of challenges. Download this ebook to explore new innovative approaches and emerging technologies that organizations can employ to stay competitive.