Oracle Hospitality Cruise Smart Guest

Revolutionizing Passenger Choice

Oracle Hospitality Cruise Smart Guest is a mobile application that simplifies shipboard communications and makes relevant information available to cruise guests at any time from any smart device.

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    Operators can market promotional opportunities, including shore excursions and restaurant bookings, directly to passengers' mobile devices.

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    Through options such as Recommend to Others, guests can inform friends about their favorite activities. Other features include Wish-list, Meet-up, and My interests.

Increasing Shipboard Revenue

Increasing Shipboard Revenue

  • Passengers can shop remotely and place orders directly from their smartphones
  • Provides guests with information about on-board activities, excursions, and destinations
  • Guests can book activities, restaurant tables, tickets, and spa appointments
  • Options to upload and share photos, create albums and buddy lists, and guest folio
  • Daily statistics on shipboard activities and revenue centers available shore-side
Guest-Facing Mobile Application

Oracle Hospitality Cruise Smart Guest enables passengers to make plans or check their central account simply by browsing their smartphones. (4:59)


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