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How do you modernize randomization and supply management?

A recent survey conducted by Informa Engage and commissioned by Oracle of professionals in clinical operations, trial management, and related functional areas, reveals the top frustrations with current IRT and RTSM systems, opportunities for improvement, and a glimpse into what they think the future holds.

Key Features

Simple, flexible, fast

  • Set up your trial in days with point-and-click trial design you can do yourself or through Oracle’s services team, a CRO, or a partner
  • Easily integrate with Oracle’s existing solutions, or other solutions on the market
  • Make mid-study changes in real-time
  • Share data across people, processes and systems throughout the entire lifecycle of a trial with Clinical One
  • See for yourself—watch the demo

Saving time, cost, and resources

“This is one of the fastest IRT startups I’ve had in my career. We actually saw the UAT (user acceptance testing) and the testing site in a matter of days with Clinical One Randomization and Trial Supplies Management.”

—Kristen Striffler, Associate Director of Clinical Development, Oyster Point Pharma

Seven Must-Have RTSM Solution Requirements

Seven Must-Have RTSM Solution Requirements

Whether you are reviewing your current RTSM solution, or looking to purchase one for the first time, review this RTSM checklist to make sure your requirements are aligned with the demands of today’s trials.

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News and Resources

Clinical trials are constantly evolving, with advancements in technology and industry initiatives, as well as regulatory and process changes. Gain perspective and learn more about these changes in the resources below.