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What is Opower?

Opower brings rich AI tech and behavioral science methodology to each and every one of your customer relationships, enabling your customer to learn (and do) much more, enhancing your utility’s program reach (and goals, too), and empowering real change in everyday habits that could also change the world.

Brunette woman looking at tablet device
Feeling the sweatpants effect while working from home? Not sure? Find out what the sweatpants effect is (and what it means).

Energy efficiency that makes a real difference

Moments that matter done right

The real magic of energy efficiency and engagement happens when you combine leading-edge technology with an understanding of human behavior. Nobody else does that. Capturing and analyzing data to create highly personalized insights, understanding the unique needs of the individuals behind the meter and connecting with them in a way that changes how they think about (and act on) energy use is the combination utilities need to achieve a range of outcomes, including decarbonizing the grid without destabilizing it.

Evergy’s Elena Johnston loves giving customers choice

Evergy’s two-year journey to optimize the utility’s CIS has stunning results, including a library of energy efficiency options for every Evergy customer to learn about (and move the needle on) their energy use and spend.


moments that matter


“By working with Opower to tailor messaging in our Home Energy Reports and making other adjustments to our residential programs, we have been able to provide our customers with the individualized services they needed when it matters most.”

Todd Berreman, Director, Energy Efficiency, CenterPoint Energy

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