Process Automation Features

Visual process automation

Drag and drop using visual designers to unify and simplify approvals across ERP, HCM, and CX applications.

Low-code process automation designer

Developers and business experts collaborate to create process automations using a simple visual interface. Drag and drop from a visual pallet including prebuilt integrations to quickly iterate on both structured and dynamic workflows. Combine them to streamline decision-making and simplify repetitive activities.

Reusable decision models and business rules

Simply configure business rules with visual models for decision trees and tables. Embed business rules as reusable components in process automations or expose them as web services that can be consumed by external applications.

Design and embed forms in process applications

Use a no-code designer to quickly deliver your own web forms and embed them in process applications for seamless experiences. Capture key details or share relevant context to accelerate approvals.

Future-proof digital processes

Gain real-time visibility across end-to-end processes to simplify and accelerate decision-making.

Connect processes

Connect end-to-end processes to your applications, document stores, artificial intelligence and machine learning services, prebuilt integrations, and more.

Task management

Orchestrate tasks for individual contributors or across teams. Quickly prioritize tasks and take actions, such as claim, withdraw, and reassign.

Embed custom extensions in apps

Embed configurable workflows directly in your applications to simplify expense approvals and limit training.

Flexible end user engagement

Embed your own workflow extensions in either SaaS or custom applications. Use role management to secure data access for your transactions, implement governance controls, and simplify federation with identity providers.

Cross-application approvals

Streamline decision-making with unified workflows and reusable decision rules.

Approval handling

Accelerate approvals across applications with visual designers to help you consistently detect and dynamically escalate exceptions to available and authorized employees.