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GraalVM Enterprise

Faster. Smarter. Leaner.
GraalVM Enterprise entitlement is included in your Java SE Subscription. Learn how the technologies together add value for cloud native deployments with native image and multilanguage support.

Java continues to evolve for the future.

The JavaOne 2022 technical keynote explores innovative Java projects Oracle is leading to modernize application development.

Run Java applications faster Run Java applications faster—On-premises and in the cloud

Read the technical brief to learn how an optimizing compiler accelerates Java application performance. Learn how the native image utility generates executables that start up fast and occupy small memory footprint for microservices.

developper live The Application Modernization Journey

Application modernization is a complex process that can be aided by tools and technology. Get insights from a 451 Research report to learn how you can minimize disruption, increase performance, and maximize flexibility.

Get the GraalVM for Dummies ebook Get the GraalVM for Dummies ebook

Download and learn how GraalVM accelerates both Java application performance and microservice deployment with near-instantaneous start up on a very small footprint.

GraalVM Enterprise features

The release of GraalVM Enterprise 22.3 enables developers to use the native executables to deploy microservices with no warm-up and achieve immediate peak performance on par with performance that can be achieved with OpenJDK.

GraalVM Enterprise entitlement with Java SE Subscription makes it even easier to access this technology

Built on proven Oracle Java SE, GraalVM Enterprise provides significant performance benefits for many Java applications. GraalVM critical patch update (CPU) releases include all Oracle Java SE CPUs to safeguard against known vulnerabilities.

"In recent years, with Oracle’s stewardship, Java has spawned a multitude of innovative technologies that include GraalVM, a project that optimizes Java performance and renders Java more suitable for cloud native development. GraalVM is aptly illustrative of Java's ability to inspire new projects that address contemporary business needs and challenges" – Arnal Dayaratna, Research Director, Software Development, IDC

Advanced optimizing just-in-time compiler

GraalVM Enterprise’s high-performance optimizing compiler accelerates application performance by up to 55% without any code changes. Applications run faster and scale better with reduced CPU and memory requirements.

Native Image ahead-of-time compilation

GraalVM Native Image utility compiles Java and Java bytecode-based applications into native binary executables that can run directly without a Java virtual machine. Native Image binaries provide near-instantaneous startup , have a small memory footprint, and deliver peak performance with zero warm-up time. GraalVM is supported by all the major microservices frameworks including Helidon, Micronaut, Quarkus, and Spring Boot.

Polyglot support

GraalVM provides high performance runtime support for a number of languages beyond Java along with the ability to have different languages and libraries interoperate with no performance penalty. Improves developer productivity by letting them use the right language or library for a given task.

Dedicated GraalVM Enterprise support

GraalVM Enterprise Subscription ensures around-the-clock Oracle Premier Support and complete access to performance, stability, and security updates. GraalVM Enterprise licensing and support is included in Oracle Cloud subscriptions.

Save energy when running Java

Read how GraalVM Enterprise helps you save energy by running Java applications faster with less resources.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is powered by GraalVM Enterprise

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure uses GraalVM to improve performance and reduce resource utilization. Simply by moving to GraalVM Enterprise, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure experienced a 25% reduction in garbage collection time and a 10% improvement in transactions/second. GraalVM Enterprise is included in all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscriptions.

Key benefits of GraalVM

Announcing GraalVM Enterprise 22.3

Shaun Smith, GraalVM Product Manager, Oracle

GraalVM 22.3 release delivers several new features, including much-anticipated support for Java 19 along with preview support for Project Loom virtual threads in both JVM JIT and Native Image ahead-of-time compiled applications. GraalVM also added new monitoring and debugging features in Native Image.

Read the complete post



Entitlement with Java SE Subscription

GraalVM Enterprise licensing and support is included in Oracle Cloud and Java SE Subscription at no additional cost.

Documentation and FAQs

GraalVM Enterprise Entitlement FAQ

Whether traditional enterprise applications or modern microservices, efficiency is they key to containing IT costs. To reduce costs, applications must run faster and consume fewer resources. GraalVM Enterprise is an application runtime environment that addresses both of these challenges.


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