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Oracle Cloud Native Environment

Cloud Native Environment is a curated, standards-based suite of open software technologies, such as Kubernetes, that can help you get to market more quickly and make changes more easily.

Free ebook: Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches

Kubernetes is the engine that powers complex cloud native environments. It's one of the fastest growing projects in the history of open source software. Get your copy of the first week of Elton Stoneman's ebook and start learning how to use Kubernetes.

Free ebook: Cloud Native Patterns

In this free excerpt of Cornelia Davis’ Cloud Native Patterns, you’ll learn how to navigate key elements of the cloud native landscape, determine potential pitfalls in your environment, and streamline your cloud adoption.

A better alternative for your cloud native DevOps

A better alternative for your cloud native DevOps

Oracle Cloud Native Environment combines the best of both worlds: a curated, standards-based suite of open source software technologies that is tested, integrated, and supported on-premises or in the cloud by Oracle for your enterprise. Example open source tools included are Kubernetes, Kata Containers, and Istio. Oracle continues to monitor and curate our cloud native projects to provide support for the latest technologies.

Oracle Cloud Native Environment is included at no extra cost with Oracle Linux Premier Support subscriptions.

Wikibon supports Oracle's focus on CNCF® projects that meet the quality and availability needs of enterprises deploying mission-critical systems. We also applaud Oracle's decision to work with the community and to deliver only standards-based solutions.

Peter Burris, Wikibon

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