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Read how companies like yours are using technology to drive business growth, deliver unbeatable customer experience, unlock employee’s potential, and reach their full business advantage.

Boingo Adapts Business Model to Survive. And Thrives.

When consumer expectations shift en masse, it’s not just long-established organisations that need to adapt their offering to stay relevant.

Explore Boingo's business model

FlexiGroup Doubles Efficiency and Forecasts Growth

After 10 years of expansion, FlexiGroup had outgrown its legacy system and needed to modernise its management platform to support future growth.

Read about FlexiGroup's modernisation

Liven: The Snack company that Snatches Sales from its Far Bigger Rivals

How does a tiny Barcelona-based snack company outsmart some of the biggest snack manufacturing companies in Europe to win sales and boost performance?

Learn how to win sales

How GDP Halved Admin and Trebled Revenues

German microenterprise Global Drinks Partnership succeeded in halving its sales admin and almost trebling revenues by moving to the cloud.

Explore GDP's move to the cloud

Agricover Gained 65 Percent More Time to Focus on its Greatest Asset

Agricover Group is a diverse business, to say the least. Alongside operating its own farms, it provides a wide range of services to the Romanian agricultural sector.

Read Agricover’s full story

PRIMUS Automates Hiring and Onboarding and Improves Performance Visibility by 50 Percent

PRIMUS Global Technologies provides consulting services to a range of business sectors from its offices in India and the United States.

Discover how PRIMUS improved

Bristol Startup Teaches the World a (Science) Lesson

What were your science lessons like at school? Did atoms and molecules wiggle and jiggle? Could you control them with a wave of your hand?

Read Interactive Science's full story

YellowDog Creates Best-of-Breed Supercomputer

YellowDog is fast becoming the new best friend for the likes of architects, animators, 3D designers, and visual effects studios.

Read more about the supercomputer

PeerPay’s Win-Win Solution to SME Cash Flow Funding

One of the biggest challenges for Britain’s 5.2 million growing businesses is cash flow. Over 70 percent look to their bank when they need finance, but to survive and grow, these companies need more choices.

Learn about PeerPay's cash flow

Smart Citizen's Smart Move in Smart Parking

The SmartCitizen app helps city motorists across the world locate, and pay for parking spaces in with a few simple taps on their mobile.

View more about the start-up

ProVita Sets World-Class Standards in Patient Care

ProVita International Medical Centre is the top UAE provider of long-term medical care and rehabilitative services for patients.

Discover how they advanced

REDISA Launches Ambitious Recycling Initiative

REDISA is a non-profit organisation with an ambitious plan to develop a sustainable tyre recycling industry.

Read REDISA's full story

Tivùsat Provides a Great Experience for 2.5 million Customers

Tivùsat is Italy’s first free platform bringing digital television to viewers who are unable to receive a terrestrial signal.

Learn about their user experience

Cummins Aims For Best-In-Class Social Customer Care

Cummins recognise that being accessible and responsive to customers via the channels they choose is all part of creating a great customer experience.

Discover Cummins customer care programme

Vorb – The Interactive Orb Taking Social Video into Orbit

A vorb is a live, interactive orb of videos that create multi-way conversations, visual experiences and communities around topics or events.

View Vorb's story

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