Oracle Midmarket—Interactive Scientific Success Story

Interactive Scientific: The Bristol Startup That’s Teaching the World a (Science) Lesson
The Bristol Startup That’s Teaching the World a (Science) Lesson


Interactive Scientific-Bristol start-up teaches the world a (science) lesson

Becky Sage, Interactive Scientific CEO, explains why thinking beyond the cool new tech will keep you one step ahead

What were your science lessons like at school? Did atoms and molecules wiggle and jiggle? Could you control them with a wave of your hand?

Bristol startup, Interactive Scientific, is ensuring that a new generation of kids (and big kids) can do just that and grow up loving, not dreading, their science lessons. The company creates stimulating and fun tools like Nano Simbox, an immersive digital learning platform that brings science to life and allows students to jump right into the world they are learning about.

Interactive Scientific is all about making science accessible, engaging and fun for all.

And they mean “all”. As part of the Oracle Cloud Accelerator Programme, they are making the most of Oracle’s cloud-based technology to test, experiment and create a new type of ecosystem for the global science and learning community. Watch the Interactive Scientific video and see how this South West England startup is taking on the world.

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