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Helpful Hints for Enrolling in Oracle PartnerNetwork

As you prepare to enroll in Oracle PartnerNetwork, our goal is to guide you through so we can get to know a bit more about your company and ensure you know what to expect during the enrollment process and can confidently make decisions on how to best partner with us.

If you haven't already gone through the Oracle Partner Journey Builder, click here to get started!

If you've already explored your partnering opportunities via the Journey Builder, you may have been sent to this page for helpful hints on a specific topic or action. Please ensure you're familiar with each topic so you can breeze through enrollment.

Company Contacts / Role Definitions

As you plan and grow your business with Oracle, we'll enhance your experience with specific guidance for you and your company’s key contacts. Below is a description of each type of contact.

Partner Decision Maker – Business Development and Strategy Contact
This individual will make business decisions about your company's relationship with Oracle, including your partnership planning. It may be your CEO/Owner or the Leader of a business unit that will focus on your Oracle-related business. They will be informed of ongoing partnership opportunities to help drive mutual success.

During the exploration phase, it's important that this individual is engaged in identifying the direction of your company as you prepare to partner with Oracle. This individual will be asked some important questions about your business and will need to be authorized by your company to confirm company information and make business planning decisions. They will be asked to complete the enrollment and assume the Partner Administrator role with the understanding that post-enrollment they can assign another individual to be the Partner Administrator.

Partner Administrator
This individual will act as the primary point of contact regarding all OPN membership matters. They will be responsible for managing and overseeing the functional interactions your company will have with Oracle as they relate to membership and enrollment in various OPN offerings. In addition, the Partner Administrator is the designated recipient of key notifications and announcements from the OPN and needs to reliably share these notifications as appropriate with other users at your company. You'll also be able to name 5 alternate Partner Administrators during your enrollment or at any point in time during your partnership.

Other OPN Role Definitions

Key Company Leaders
During enrollment, you'll be asked to identify two key leaders at your company. They may be your company's president, founder, majority owner, CEO, or other C-suite executive.

Technical Readiness Contact
This individual will make technology decisions as your company determines how your solution will incorporate Oracle products and services (i.e., your CTO). They will assess your company's technical readiness and staff competency, ensuring your company takes full advantage of training available through your OPN membership. They will be informed on matters that impact technology architecture and integration, roadmaps, and technical training.

Sales Engagement Contact
This individual will be responsible for developing your company's sales strategies, focusing on collaboration to achieve successful customer wins with Oracle. They will be informed of Oracle's sales tools, strategic sales plays and other resources that can enhance your company's competitiveness with your Oracle-based solution or services.

Market Development Contact
The Marketing contact will be responsible for determining market development plans, campaigns, and messaging for your Oracle-based solution or services. They will be informed of the best practices to make use of Oracle's marketing tools and resources, as well as updates and enhancements to Oracle messaging.

Legal Contact
This individual will represent your business from a legal perspective. We will inform them of any changes to policies, terms or conditions change, as well as any partnership updates relevant to your business.

Accounts Payable Contact
This contact will be your "Bill To" contact and the individual to whom any billing and payment updates or questions will be directed.

Company Details

So you're ready to provide your company details in a format that we can validate, here's a quick overview of the key fields:

  • Legal Company Name: This can be in English or in local language but will need to be your legally registered name.
  • Tax or Other Business Identifier: This is the identifier that is officially recognized by your country's tax administration.
  • Company Website: You're going to need a website to help broadcast your engagement with Oracle. Please make sure it's a valid company-specific domain. If it's not, we won't be able to proceed with membership.
  • Email Address Domains: It's important that you provide a business domain email address and not a generic email address domain (i.e.,, etc..) as we won't be able accept those. Also, please make sure your email address matches one of your company's email address domain!
  • Policy URL: Please share your company's compliance-related code, procedure, or policy addressing anti-corruption compliance, business ethics, or related topics by providing a URL to let us know where it's posted on your company's website.
  • Country
  • Company Address: FYI – we'll only accept a physical address here - not a PO Box.
  • City
  • State / Providence / Region
  • Zip / Postal Code
  • Total Number of Employees: Please be advised that OPN membership is set up for established companies that have a baseline level of at least five (5) employees which is what is truly necessary to deliver on our mutual strategies of delivering demonstrable customer success. If your company has fewer than five employees or is a sole proprietorship, we look forward to your potential growth and would like to help. Please consider getting started by accessing resources on the Developer Resource Center or through Oracle University learning options.
  • Years in business: Let us know how long your company has been in business.

Company Legal Structure

Also, during your enrollment, we'll ask what type of legal form your organization is. Depending on your response, we may need to point you to other options or request additional information for our review to make sure we'll be proceeding with the right type of partnership.

The selections are:

Publicly Traded Entity
Entity whose stock or equity interest is listed on an exchange or trading market. If 30% or more of your company is owned by a government or state-owned entity, please select “Government or State-Owned Entity”.

Private Entity
Private entity that is not traded on an exchange or trading market, such as an LLC, SAR or partnership.

Government or State-Owned Entity
If your company is publicly traded but 30% or more is owned by a government or other state-owned entity, please select this option.

Individual or Sole Proprietor / EURL
Unfortunately, OPN is not set up for this type of structure, so if you select this option you might want to get started through the Oracle Developer Resource Center or Oracle University Learning options.

Such as: Charity, Non-Profit Organization, Membership Association, or other type of entity not listed above. If you select this option, we'll need you to provide additional information about the legal form of your organization, its ownership, oversight, and management. Also, please note, there might be a slight delay in processing your enrollment as we verify your details.

Membership Terms and Policies

We'll need someone authorized by your company to accept the OPN membership terms. We recommend that you take a peek at the terms and policies prior to initiating your enrollment, so you can determine who will be finalizing your enrollment. Also, you’ll have the option to accept the terms online or choose instead to download and print the terms, sign and then return the signed agreement.

Company Information Questionnaire

Oracle's Partner Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

It's important to us that every one of our partners is aligned with our core values. Please read through the Partner code of Ethics and Business Conduct as during your enrollment, we'll need you to confirm that you have reviewed this.

Confirmation of Ethical Company Behavior
Oracle's reputation and success, as well as your own, depend upon the commitment that you make to uphold Oracle's values of trust, integrity, and honesty. We're sure you'll understand that because of this, we'll need you to confirm that none of the following applies to your company. If any do apply, unfortunately you won't be able to proceed with your enrollment.

  • A customer contract was discontinued, terminated by default, or for failure to comply with the contract within the last 7 years.
  • Investigated for violating the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the U.K. Bribery Act, or any other anti-corruption law within the last 7 years.
  • Your company's president, founder(s), majority owners, CEO, or other C-suite executives were previously in a leadership role with another company whose Oracle PartnerNetwork membership was terminated by Oracle.
  • Your company's president, founder(s), majority owners, CEO, or other C-suite executives were convicted of a serious crime within the last two years.
  • Company membership in a partner program (Oracle or other) has previously been terminated.

Oracle Employee Involvement in Your Company
Lastly, do you have any current or former employees, officers, or directors of Oracle involved with the management of your organization or have an ownership in your organization?

If you do, we'll need you to provide the following details -- so please have this information ready to submit to us and note this might delay your enrollment ever so slightly:

  • The name of the individual(s) involved
  • Job title(s)
  • Dates of employment at Oracle
  • Office location where individual(s) worked while at Oracle

OPN Membership Types

Let's make sure that you understand the two types of membership in OPN, so you make the right selection when the time comes. And, no worries, we'll guide you to the best option based on what you tell us about your company.

Still not sure?
Watch this super helpful video to understand a bit more about the Principal-Associate relationship: Video: Understanding the Principal-Associate Relationship (2:19)

  • Principal: Typically, this is a company's headquarter entity and/or a parent company if there are subsidiaries involved. The Principal entity has the central role of executing all terms, selecting and paying for tracks, approving Associates, as well as managing Enablers and Expertise. A subsidiary company can also be a Principal if they want their own OPN membership with their own tracks, membership elements and agreements.
  • Associate: This is a wholly or majority owned subsidiary of the Principal entity (parent company) and will be accepted into OPN subject to their Principal's OPN Membership Terms. Additionally, the Principal will execute all Go-To-Market terms.
    NOTE: If you enroll as an Associate, your Principal (parent) company must be an active OPN member before you enroll since the contractual terms of the OPN Agreement will be signed by your Principal company. Also, your membership will go through review by your parent company (the "Principal" entity) prior to being approved.

Public Sector

Just a heads up. If there is anything related to Public Sector in your business plan, there will be additional reviews required as you plan your go-to-market activity with Oracle, so please plan accordingly.

Tracks and Enablers

Once you complete the Exploration guidance, we’ll provide recommendations as to the best tracks and enablers suited to your business. We suggest you print out (or take a screen shot) of our recommendations so you can refer to them when you complete your enrollment. Additionally, as soon as your enrollment is approved, we'll give you some guidance based on your business plan and desired outcomes.

An important point to note is that track enrollment period ends with the same OPN Membership term in which it was activated (co-terms) and can be renewed with each subsequent OPN Membership term. Also, track fees are not pro-rated.

Need a refresher on what "Tracks" and "Enablers" are?
Check out this helpful video to find out! Video: Selecting the Right Track for Your Business (3:01)

Submitting Enrollment & Payment

Payment Details

By now you understand what type of membership to select and have determined if you plan to join any tracks. We'd also like to provide some guidance on what your fees might be and the best way to pay for your membership.

Here's a quick recap of the fees associated with your OPN enrollment:

  • USD$500 (or local equivalent) for Membership
  • USD$3,000 (or local equivalent) for each track you select
  • Plus, applicable taxes (based on your location)

If you're in a country that accepts Credit Cards, paying with a Credit Card is mandatory and it's the best way to go as it triggers immediate benefit activation! Wire transfer (with invoice) requires a 15-business day processing time, so if you opt for wire transfer, please plan accordingly. Also, make sure your Enrollment ID(s) is noted on your payment.

One last thing to note – please ensure your bank will accept your "Bill To" address and make sure you cover any bank fees required by your bank, so your payment can be processed quickly!

Submitting Enrollment – What to Expect

Your membership enrollment (and any track subscriptions you enroll in) will be activated based on approval and full payment receipt by Oracle, regardless of payment type selected.

When your Oracle PartnerNetwork enrollment has been approved and your membership has been activated, you'll receive a Welcome notification with all the details you need to get off to a great start. Additionally, your "Bill To" contact will receive a copy of your paid invoice, so you'll have that for your records.