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Charting a Path to Growth with Scenario Planning

Learn how scenario planning enhances the role of finance teams so they can easily navigate change.

When executed properly, scenario planning is more than a financial tool. It’s an integrated approach to dealing with uncertainty and visualizing the future, so finance organizations can help build agility and move the business forward.

  • Understand the impact of strategic decisions across your bottom line, balance sheet, cash flow, and shareholder value.
  • Model different funding options and understand the impact on your capital structure and credit rating.
  • De-risk decisions with Monte Carlo simulation.
The cloud has really helped us improve the pace at which we’re able to produce scenarios. And it’s not a case of just building the model and it’s finished. Our users are able to evolve their models on a regular basis, in a safe and controlled way.

Stuart Wray Head of Future Finance Implementation, RBS

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