Retail POS Hardware

To deliver a full-service customer experience, you need to rely on integrated hardware and software point-of-service (POS) solutions that provide the same user interface, features, and functionality across tablet, mobile, compact, and full-size workstation formats. The result is a nimble approach to hardware that enables your retail operation to fit its footprint.

Improve the customer experience with mobile POS (2:18)

Explore MICROS Workstation 8.

Why retail POS systems

Digital transformation must not be limited to any one area of your business. Truly effective innovation is about harmonizing and leveraging retail technology throughout your entire enterprise. The memorable experience of tomorrow will require innovative retail POS solutions at every level of your operation.

01Elevate the reward, eliminate the risk with your retail POS system

Join retailers around the globe who are adapting to changing consumer demands and driving superior customer experiences with modern retail POS systems.

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02Improve your in-store guest experience

Blur the line between the shopping and purchasing experience and between the digital and physical worlds. Facilitate customer engagement to drive loyalty.

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03Reduce abandonment with in-aisle mobile checkout

Equipping your associates with mobile devices to complete the sale helps reduce abandonment rates while providing a deeper level of customer service.

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04Blend form factors to fit your footprint

Adopt a single hardware and software solution with the same user interface, functionality, and features across all devices to fit your store format.

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Point-of-sale systems engineered for modern retail

Choose a POS system to fit your business needs, hardened to withstand the day-to-day rigors of in-store environments. Modernize your customer experience with the right retail technology for the job by empowering associates to create meaningful connections.

Move the retail store workstation well beyond just another POS device

Purpose-built point-of-service solution

Operate at the speed of your business with the processing power and durability you need. The retail environment is demanding, and you need a hardware solution with modern features that can withstand the strains of day-to-day use. The clean, modern design and slim footprint extend your brand.

Retail industry-proven hardware platform

Gain the functionality, stability, and durability you have come to trust and depend on from Oracle MICROS workstations. They build on our long-established industry-proven hardware platform with innovative features that focus on simplifying daily staff tasks, strengthening core functions that support operations, and engaging guests with customer-facing technology to deliver the individualized experience they expect.

Empower associates

Maximize your sales associates’ productivity by putting the right tools in their hands. More than ever, your store associates play a vital role—many roles in some cases. Their performance can determine whether customers develop a lifelong loyalty with you or turn their back on the store for good.

Durable, portable point-of-service devices designed and built for retail

Anywhere, anytime transactions

The Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 310 and 310R are durable, portable POS devices designed and built for the retail market. They’re a perfect choice for pop-up sales, promotional events, and seasonal on-demand capacity; these devices have a small 10-inch footprint, and they’re extremely durable so they can handle extreme temperatures. The Workstation 310 and 310R are packed with features such as integrated LAN connectivity, a magnetic stripe reader, and a customer-facing display. Options include Wi-Fi, a full-shift battery, a fingerprint reader, and several mounting choices.

Lower POS hardware cost of ownership

The Workstation 310 offers best in product extended lifecycles beyond the industry average, which means a lower total cost of ownership, and lower meantime before failures means far fewer failures and refresh cycles. The 310 has ruggedized features, well beyond just a tablet with a protective sleeve. The 310 provides all this at a highly affordable price.

Empower associates with modern retail POS hardware

Maximize your sales associates’ productivity by putting the right tools in their hands. More than ever, your store associates play a vital role—many roles in some cases. Their performance can determine whether customers develop a lifelong loyalty with you or turn their back on the store for good.

Xstore Point of Service enables seamless transactions

Create connected interactions

Place robust retail point-of-service functionality in the hands of your store associates. Mobile-enabled options deliver shopping experiences customers expect with inventory visibility, customer intelligence, and seamless transactions.

Empower associates with retail point-of-service

Maximize the productivity of your sales associates by putting the right tools in their hands. More than ever, your store associates play a vital role—many roles in some cases. Their performance can determine whether customers develop a lifelong loyalty with you or turn their back on the store for good.

Gain actionable insight from your retail POS systems

The power of Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service extends to the store manager, where it supports bank deposits, labor scheduling, timekeeping, and reporting. Managers can also empower associates with the use of store messaging, tasks, and sales goals. Ultimately, managers spend less time on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on motivating your associates and assisting customers.

Flexible framework to support your business

Leverage the power of advanced network retail technologies and integrate all field operations into a single, powerful, empowered retail organization. Xstore Point of Service lets you select from a variety of databases, operating systems, and hardware platforms to support your business.

Blend a modern POS into any retail environment

Durable, reliable technology with form and function to meet modern retailer demands

Oracle MICROS Workstation 8 Series showcases a subtle aesthetic that seamlessly blends into any environment. With the modular design and flexible options of MICROS Workstation 8, retailers can deploy hardware that aligns with the look of their brand and drives operational efficiency since it’s built for Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service.

With MICROS Workstation 8, retailers can expect the same level of quality and durability they have come to trust from Oracle in a modern, ergonomically designed, and aesthetically sharp package.

Empowered with flexibility

MICROS Workstation 8 features a slim, 14-inch touch screen display with a warm platinum finish. Because of its modular design, retailers have the option to implement Workstation 820 with a separate peripheral expansion module that allows for below-the-counter cable management with three mount options. Retailers looking for a minimalist approach can choose the wall mount, retailers who prefer a sleek design can opt for the low-profile stand, and those desiring a more stately look can select the vertical stand with base.

Built to last in the retail environment

MICROS Workstation 8 delivers a robust solution that marries form with function.

  • 14-inch full high-definition touch display
  • Engineered to withstand harsh environments
  • Designed for high reliability and long-life use
  • IP rated to withstand retail particulate pollution, even splashes and spills*
  • Anti-glare finish to reduce eye strain

*IP rating varies between workstations and the peripheral expansion module

Retail POS Hardware resources

5 ways platforms help retailers achieve improved outcomes

With artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core, Oracle’s platform for modern retail delivers a complete set of mission-critical solutions and cloud services that enable retailers to gain the insights and agility to attract and retain customers at every touchpoint.

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Leverage the power of the Oracle Retail Reference Library community

Accelerate speed to value by streamlining your implementation using best practice process models, architectural diagrams, and a retail glossary derived from more than 5,000 retail customers across 96 countries.

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Stores and Commerce Learning Subscription

Oracle offers speed to value with on-demand digital learning. You can build individual competencies that maximize usage of Oracle Retail stores and commerce solutions. Available 24/7 with self-paced learning guides and detailed microlessons with step-by-step demonstrations.

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Why consider an omnichannel capability review?

Leverage Oracle’s methods, tools, and extensive experience across diverse retail sectors and geographies. Oracle Retail’s omnichannel capability review is designed to serve as a starting point for you to review and assess the state of your omnichannel operations and identify opportunities for optimization through an engagement with the Oracle Retail omnichannel team.

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What is retail POS?

Retail POS systems empower retail staff to deliver memorable service levels and build customer loyalty in an omnichannel world.

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