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How technology is helping to sustain the planet

Organizations worldwide are using advanced technologies to support a variety of planet-sustaining endeavors. Among them: mitigating climate change, conserving dwindling natural resources, ensuring a reliable supply of food, and improving the quality of our waterways.


HPC in the cloud is changing the game for startups

Thanks to OCI’s advances in networking, memory, storage, and software, HPC practitioners can finally benefit from the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and ease-of-use of cloud, all with the peace of mind of top-tier security.


Five startups share strategies to mix and match clouds

Startups need to know that if growth takes off, they’ll have cloud providers that let them scale without “technology friction. It’s about flexibility, ubiquity, and freedom,” Williamson says. “I believe that multicloud environments will become the standard.”


Virtual business is good news for female founders

While virtual programs can’t change the status quo overnight, the flexibility and support they give enables women to work on their own terms and access benefits more easily.


2021 will be the year of the cloud startup

Forrester noted that without cloud, businesses could not have maintained supply chains, pivoted business models, or let employees work from home.


3 High-powered startups scaling with NVIDIA and Oracle Cloud

Last year, Oracle announced it was the first major cloud provider to make NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU on bare metal instances generally available. Oracle’s latest GPU instances help customers run complex, data-intensive, high-performance applications like modeling and simulations more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Jason Williamson

"Entrepreneurship is essential to building a more stable, prosperous, and healthy world. We’re partnering with startups to help bring their big visions to reality, and fuel global innovation while we’re at it. "
—Jason Williamson, Vice President, Oracle for Startups and Oracle for Research

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