Oracle Utilities Digital Self Service

With robust account management, streamlined communications, advanced customer intelligence, and integrated Opower energy management tools, Digital Self Service (DSS) enables electric, gas, and water utilities to deliver superior customer service across channels and devices while driving down operating costs.

See the customer self-service experience in action.

Digital Self Service (DSS) designed for utilities

Redirect common activities

Empower your customers for essential self-service transactions, such as bill payments, autopay, payment arrangements, paperless billing, utility program enrollment, usage inquiries, and communications.

Preferences management

Let customers tell you how they want to engage. DSS provides management options for communication and alert preferences such as contact methods, billing alerts, and bill delivery formats. Automatically sync these preferences with your customer information system (CIS).

Payment and billing flexibility

Give your customers payment flexibility to fit their needs. Enable self-enrollment in a variety of billing-related options, including automatic payments, fixed payments, partial payments, levelized billing, and paperless billing.

Multi-account support

Enable customers to connect and manage multiple accounts. Make it easy for them to pay all their accounts at once.

Responsive design

Responsive design ensures customers can easily read and navigate within your portal, whatever the device used for account access.

Embeddable widgets

Make DSS work best for you. Embed widgets in your current website to reduce custom build work and accelerate implementation. Easily adapt widget formatting to fit your brand. Use components you need now with the flexibility to expand and adapt later.

Built on behavioral science

Make engagement intuitive for your customers. DSS is designed to prioritize what your customers care about most and encourages them to take the right action at the right moment.

Assign an account manager

Enable a staff person to handle account management and payments while a business leader still maintains control.

Multi-account for business

Support commercial account managers who are responsible for hundreds of accounts. DSS makes it easy for these key customers to find accounts using advanced search, to pay single or multiple accounts, or to restrict accounts to cash-only status.

Promote programs and content

Move your business customers to action and place relevant programs and offers front and center at login.

Real-time account syncing

Full automation through real-time APIs ensures that DSS and CIS are always in sync. This connectivity eliminates nightly batch jobs, keep records current and prevents disjointed customer experiences.

Automate start/stop/transfer

Reduce support costs and increase customer convenience for resource-intensive start/stop/transfer processes. Configure workflows and required-data capture to fit your business needs.

Understand energy and water use

Educate customers on their energy and water use and provide self-service account actions through modular tools such as bill comparison, data browser, home energy analysis, and ways-to-save recommendations.

Bill comparison

Enable customers to understand their current bill in the context of previous ones, how their use compares to neighbors’, and whether a high bill is imminent.

Home energy analysis

Drive deeper customer engagement around energy use by promoting and making it easy for them to complete a home energy audit.

Energy usage and savings tips

Become an energy advisor for your customers by delivering personalized recommendations and tips, informed by account intelligence, at the right time.

Data browser

Help customers visualize and explore their energy behavior, trends, and costs with highly engaging charts, graphs, and insights.

Water insights and alerts

Enable water conservation, improve customer service, and prevent high bills through a water-specific data browser that lets customers see and understand their usage trends.

Help center

Proactively address customers’ most common questions and help requests. Clear categories guide customers to the right answers to their questions. Attachments can be included to give context.

Masquerade mode

Provide faster call center support by launching DSS from the customer’s view within your CIS. Masquerading gives CSRs additional context into what a customer is seeing and remote control to help customers resolve their issues through the portal.

Support history

Keep the conversation going. Conversation history is logged in DSS and synced back to the CIS, allowing customers and agents to revisit and pick up where they left off— especially helpful if the conversation moves to the phone.

Be ready for change

Quickly adapt to changing customer engagement expectations and roll out the latest features as they become available. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, DSS delivers the latest engagement tools and enhancements multiple times each year.

Account authentication

Protect your customers’ accounts from unlawful access with enhanced account authentication and productized integration to Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Reduce IT support demand

Focus on innovation, not technology support. DSS delivers the stability, security, and scalability of world-class Oracle Cloud.

Data security

Have peace of mind that your customers’ information is safe. Oracle Cloud is compliant with many ISO standards and ready for GDPR and PCI requirements.

American Electric Power (AEP) engages customers on their terms

AEP is turning to big data and Oracle customer engagement solutions to give customers tailored experiences that empower them to take control of their energy use.

Oracle Utilities Digital Self Service benefits

01Give customers premium experiences

Engage customers on their terms with a data-enriched, design-centric portal based on behavioral science.

02Remain agile to adapt as customer expectations shift

Stay current with customer expectations by rolling out the latest self-service features as soon as they become available.

03Deflect call center traffic and reduce cost to serve

Serve customers with lower-cost self-service for most transactions and drive down contact center traffic.

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