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Universal Credit Services

Product Pay As You Go (OCPU Per Hour) Monthly Flex (OCPU Per Hour) Part Number
Standard Edition


Enterprise Edition


High Performance Edition


This bundled metered service allows you to set and activate the offerings currently available for Oracle Java Cloud Service. Note that the purchase of the 'Pay as you go' service does not require any upfront payment; monthly invoice will be generated based on usage. Discounted pre-paid option is available, learn more here. For Compute shapes, see here. For more information on Oracle Java Cloud versions, review the documentation. High Performance Edition extends the Enterprise Edition with Coherence.

Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

Product Pay As You Go (OCPU Per Hour) Monthly Flex (OCPU Per Hour) Part Number
Oracle Java Cloud Service - Standard - BYOL


Oracle Java Cloud Service - Enterprise - BYOL


Oracle Java Cloud Service - High Performance - BYOL


Non-metered Services

Product (per OCPU) General Purpose Compute (Per Month) High-Memory Compute (Per Month)
Standard Edition - Commercial US$225.00 US$413.00
Enterprise Edition - Commercial US$600.00 US$975.00
Enterprise Edition Suite - Commercial US$1,400.00 US$2,175.00