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Oracle Modern Best Practice for Banking

Reduce Complexity, Accelerate Digital Transformation
Reduce Complexity, Accelerate Digital Transformation

To prepare for a dramatically different future, digital will become a strategic imperative for bankers. Read the in-depth analysis in our white paper.

Oracle ERP Cloud Helps RHT Health Trust Reduce Operational Costs by 40 Percent
Oracle ERP Cloud Helps RHT Health Trust Reduce Operational Costs by 40 Percent

Learn how Oracle ERP cloud helped RHT Health Trust streamline financial processes, improve productivity, and overcome challenges.

Banks Must Dive in and Ride the Digital Wave
Banks Must Dive in and Ride the Digital Wave

Gain new insights into the current trends and challenges impacting the financial services industry and learn how you can become more competitive.

Oracle Modern Best Practice
Oracle Modern Best Practice

Transform your bank from old fashioned brick and mortar processes to modern best practices that achieve radically superior results, drive digital transformation, and grow confidently.

Transformation Starts With a Strong Core

Strengthen bank back office processes to improve cost efficiency ratios

Banking success used to rely on securing the best locations for branches and building long term community relationships to grow revenue. In today’s disrupted banking world, steady return on equity (ROE) and slow growth are realities. Lowering costs is often the best path to higher profit margins. Archaic core systems can consume too much of your technology budget, hindering your ability to compete with FinTechs built on low-cost delivery models.

Oracle Modern Best Practice for Banking can help you redirect your technology spending from running your bank to growing your bank. Transform finance into a source of insight that guides business decisions. Accelerate project management execution to launch new products in weeks—not months—while fine-tuning corporate project activities. Employ collaborative, data-driven procurement strategies to secure the best pricing from suppliers and eliminate off-contract spend.

Empower Agile, Data-Driven Decisions

Oracle Modern Best Practice enables your bank to embrace modern, mobile, and collaborative processes across all operations—including back office activities—to fully realize the cost savings and upside revenue potential of digital transformation. Decision makers, operations staff, and project managers have the information they need to remain agile and guide your bank toward faster daily closes, expedited financial forecasts, on time and on budget projects, and reduced procurement spend across all locations.

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