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The Modern Business Talks | Finance

The Modern Business Talks

Live and on-demand webinars on how to digitize your business.

Finance Webinars

Now is a time of historic transformation for finance leaders like you. As well as maintaining guardianship over financial decisions, you must also drive strategy and ensure value creation. The following sessions can empower you to do just that.

Oracle and Deloitte VAT Webinar

If you operate in a GCC country, it’s time to prepare for VAT and accelerate your journey to compliance; what better way to do this than to engage with the most experienced experts in the region as they explore best practices and tools that can help?

Oracle and Deloitte VAT Webinar

Streamline All Your Enterprise Reporting

Learn how Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud allows businesses like yours to streamline internal and external reporting processing, and combine data and narrative in a secure, collaborative cloud environment.

Streamline All Your Enterprise Reporting
Automating Policies, Improving Efficiency and Handling Regulations in the Financial Services Industry

Discover how Oracle’s policy-automation solutions can help you achieve more cost-effective customer on-boarding, faster eligibility determinations, improved self-service application capabilities and more – quickly, easily and efficiently.

Automating Policies
Achieve Efficiency, Cost Reduction and Risk Mitigation Over Your Strategic Purchasing Initiatives with Oracle Procurement Cloud

Find out how Oracle Strategic Procurement Cloud allows you to cut costs and boost efficiency with automation, accelerate time to value using guided collaboration and workflows, and guarantee compliance by providing visibility into supplier risk and qualifications.

Flexible Planning, Available Now: Planning and Budgeting as a Service from Oracle [German]

Explore a powerful platform for planning and budgeting Oracle Budgeting and Planning Managed Cloud. You’ll find out how it can empower you to simplify complex business models, achieve flexibility and cut costs… and why more than 6,000 organisations like yours are already using it.

Integrated Business Planning [Russian]

Get unique insight into your business’s planning process – from the perspective of all of your departments. Then, have your most pertinent integrated business planning questions answered, covering basics such as what it is, and advanced queries about balancing different teams’ needs.

How to Achieve Employee Involvement [Russian]

Achieve business utopia by building a team that’s collaborative, highly available, open, honest and forward-thinking. This webinar will show you how to adopt social trends and apply them to involve and motivate your employees – boosting productivity and driving innovation.

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