Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud

Consolidate and Report with Confidence

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud uses best practices to streamline the consolidation and close process. This easily configurable solution ensures that processes are compliant, auditable, timely, and transparent.

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    Easily enable only the features your require for your business.

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    Configurable dashboards make it easy to quickly visualize your financial results in real time.

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    Intercompany matching reports make it easy for you to analyze your intercompany balances.

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    Entering, approving, posting and copying journals is an easy process in Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud.

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    Efficiently manage and analyze your close process.

Best Practice Consolidation Out-of-the-Box

Out-of-the-Box Best Practices

  • Leverage Oracle's 35 years of experience with market-leading financial close solutions
  • Configure quickly with no complex scripting and best practices that are embedded with simple configuration selection
  • Leverage built-in intercompany balance eliminations and complex ownership calculations
  • Easily customize with prebuilt dashboards and reports, including cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement
Comprehensively Address the Extended Close Process

Manage the Extended Close Process

  • Gain instant visibility into the progress and status of the close process
  • Improve management and delivery with a clear task definition and responsibility
  • Engage more staff in the process with a cloud-based solution
  • Gain insight into trends and areas for improvement with analytics
  • Incorporate all the data needed for the financial close with market-leading integration
Integrated, Secure, and Auditable

Integrated, Secure, and Auditable

  • Enable business users to manage processes with direct integration with source systems
  • Tailor to specific requirements with secure, user-driven, self-service dashboards and reporting
  • Deliver secure, on the go access via mobile devices
  • Leverage secure, Microsoft Office integration for online/offline analysis and reporting
  • Leverage strong compliance framework, including auditing, segregation of duties, and transparent calculations

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