Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator

Great Ideas. No Limits.

Ingenuity Meets Expertise and Resources

“The next five to ten years promise innovations and growth that will drive new business ideas enabled by cloud. Oracle understands that startups are at the heart of innovation. This program aims to give startups access to extensive resources and support when they need it most.”

—Reggie Bradford, Senior Vice President, Startup Ecosystem and Accelerator

New technologies are sparking new ideas—and vice versa—from Tel Aviv to Austin, from Singapore to Bangalore. But no matter where you are across the globe, it takes more than a great idea to bring a new product to market.

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator uniquely breaks down the barriers that limit startup success, providing exceptional startups with a path for future growth. Through this program, Oracle provides the kind of enterprise-grade technology, expertise, and partnerships that enable next-generation growth and drive cloud-based innovation for startups.

In Austin, Texas, one of nine Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator locations worldwide, the program offers early- to later-stage startups hands-on technical and business mentoring, state-of-the-art cloud technology, and access to dedicated coworking space. The program also connects startups with Oracle’s global ecosystem of startup peers, more than 430,000 customers, investors, and partners.

Every successful company starts somewhere—even in a café, basement, or garage. Indeed, Oracle started in a 900-square-foot office with a single idea for the world’s first relational database management system. But innovators need more than a great idea to go to market. With the help of Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator, startups don’t have to be limited by the size of their garage.


Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator

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