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Virtual Events

The Evolution of Cross-Channel Ad Measurement

In our upcoming webinar, “The Evolution of Cross-Channel Ad Measurement,” Carly Crittenden, head of Moat Brand Partnerships at Oracle Data Cloud, will share tools and advice for improving your verification, attention, and cross-channel measurement strategies. During this 30-minute session, you will learn how to protect your brand and ad spend with a strong foundation of ad verification, and how to measure reach and frequency across channels and platforms—including TV—to get a true understanding of your brand’s performance.

Thursday, February 4, 2021 @ 2 p.m. ET | Click here to register for the live webinar.

StreamScam Exposed: How Moat Uncovered CTV’s Largest Ad-Fraud Scheme

In December, Moat made headlines by uncovering StreamScam, the largest-known connected TV (CTV) ad-fraud operation. Watch our 30-minute webinar and hear straight from the product experts who discovered the scheme and learn how you can stay protected. "StreamScam Exposed: How Moat Uncovered CTV’s Largest Ad-Fraud Scheme," presented by Sam Mansour, Principal Product Manager, Moat Analytics,  will take you through the current state of the CTV space, how to measure it, and how to solve the SSAI challenge.

Click here to watch it on-demand.

Breaking Up with Blocklists: Shifting from Brand Safety to Suitability

In this age of uncertainty, how can advertisers confidently navigate fast-paced news cycles and connect with consumers through relevant and timely content—without stifling valuable inventory or cutting off ad revenue that sustains news publishers? Join Oracle Data Cloud, GroupM, and The New York Times for this virtual event focused on what it will take to collectively eradicate advertiser fear and how to build a more inclusive internet. This webinar is a part of Oracle Data Cloud's Candid Conversations: The Future of AdTech series.

Click here to watch it on-demand.

How Brand Suitability Can Help Advertisers Navigate Through Uncertainty

Join Oracle Data Cloud and GroupM as we discuss the state of brand safety and brand suitability against the backdrop of 2020. While the concept of 'context' in digital isn't new, the technology that underpins these solutions has undergone tremendous change and evolution recently. Don't miss the chance to understand the latest developments and nuances of contextual intelligence, along with best practices for a custom brand suitability strategy. This webinar is a part of Oracle Data Cloud's Candid Conversations: The Future of AdTech series.

Click here to watch it on-demand.

Acertando na mosca: Optimize your advertising with context and measurement

Investing in digital advertising can seem daunting; attention is scarce and marketers need to ensure that their campaigns are being seen by real humans in brand-safe environments. Fortunately, there is a proven playbook for this. In our first ever Brazil-focused session, we'll cover true solutions for reducing invalid traffic, increasing viewability and avoiding brand safety breaches. Join us to learn from real case studies about the power of digital data to improve your media outcomes.

Click here to watch it on-demand.

Is Anybody Out There? Measuring What Matters from TV to Digital

Consistent, useful measurement from TV to digital was once a pipe dream for advertisers, who were left to wonder who they’re actually reaching and how often across the many platforms. Not anymore! Join Moat by Oracle Data Cloud and iSpot.tv, to learn how advertisers and publishers, for the first time ever, can increase campaign efficiency and gain a universal view of their cross-platform audience.

Click here to watch it on-demand.

From Ad Fraud to Attention: Exploring the New Frontier of Advertising Measurement

Attention is a scarce resource and the fundamental core of what all advertisers are seeking. Viewability is a prerequisite to meaningful engagement and measured attention, but that’s just the beginning. Christos Sarros, Moat by Oracle Data Cloud’s Senior Director, EMEA Measurement Partnerships carves out an innovative paradigm for measurement and transaction currency beyond clicks and impressions, taking antiquated metrics to task!

Click here to watch it on-demand.

Bots & Bogus Impressions: Modern IVT and Safeguarding Spend

Contemporary IVT technology must toe the line in differentiating bot traffic that makes the internet better while managing and eliminating the threat of its malicious counterpart. Sam Mansour, Moat by Oracle Data Cloud’s IVT Product Principal, explores insights into the world of modern Invalid Traffic detection, one of digital’s fundamental and often misunderstood challenges.

Click here to watch it on-demand.

Why Contextual Intelligence is Your Answer to Finding Brand Suitable Environments Right Now

Have you ever been to a presentation where the presenter failed to ‘read the room’ and ended up completely ruining their opportunity to engage the audience? The same is true in digital advertising, and right now, ‘the room’ can be particularly challenging to read. Derek Wise, Oracle Data Cloud’s Chief Product Officer, dives deep on contextual targeting and why extensive keyword blacklisting is not the answer in the current climate.

Click here to watch it on-demand.