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Oracle Database Lifecycle Management

The Most Comprehensive Lifecycle Management Solution for Oracle Database

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides a seamless and end-to-end solution for managing Oracle Database’s entire lifecycle in both physical and cloud environments—offering better coverage, greater depth, and more automation. Only Oracle enables administrators to secure, manage, and maintain multiple databases consistently, with lower risk and effort across development, test and production environments—all from a centralized console.

Oracle Database Lifecycle Management
  • Manage the entire Oracle Database lifecycle—from asset discovery to configuration and change management
  • Search and compare configurations across all your IT environments to quickly detect and prevent drift or unauthorized configuration changes
  • Deploy standardized database configurations using baseline and “golden” images for rapid deployments
  • Simplify your patching process with predictable patching and pre-flight checks
  • Minimize downtime with comprehensive Critical Patch Update Advisories and recommendations to alert customers of critical patches issued by Oracle



  • Save hours of effort and lower your risks by bringing databases in-line with corporate and industry standards
  • Improve IT service levels through Oracle’s next-generation database patching and provisioning automation capabilities to guarantee consistency and avoid errors
  • Enforce security using pre-defined, customizable policy groups with a built-in collection of over 250 best practices based on industry standards for security and configuration management
  • Stay compliant with summary dashboards for at-a-glance views and auditing
  • Eradicate configuration drift by maintaining deep awareness of configurations across hardware and software
Cerner Saves $9.5 Million Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
Cerner Saves $9.5 Million Using Oracle Enterprise Manager

Cerner Saves $9.5 Million Using Oracle Enterprise ManagerListen in as Cerner, one of the leading healthcare technology solution providers, discusses how it uses Oracle Enterprise Manager to not only save millions in IT costs, but to also improve DBA productivity by as much as 50 percent.


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