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Your Complete Guide to Modern ERP

Modern ERP Guide: A look at how cloud ERP can drive innovation.

Continuous Change Requires Continuous Innovation

Modern ERP with embedded AI, automation, and an immersive user experience is enabling continuous innovation across the business.

Stay ahead of problems and take advantage of trends through machine learning prediction, intelligent automation, and other technologies.

Improve your business every 90 days with regular updates, ensuring your solution never goes out-of-date or needs upgrading.

Download this guide to:

  • Discover the fundamental characteristics that define a modern ERP solution.
  • Explore how today’s ERP can help your organization outpace change and respond quickly to volatile market changes.
  • See how continuous innovation enabled by advanced ERP results in business agility and greater operational success.

Customer perspective

The world’s going a thousand miles an hour, so for me to say, ‘Wait, I need another week’ just doesn’t work anymore. Oracle is reimagining the financial systems footprint.

Lisa Blackwood-Kapral Chief Accounting Officer, Lyft

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