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HR and Finance Join Forces in the Cloud

Oracle Cloud supports TrueBlue, a leader in specialized workforce solutions, by connecting people with work. Through the integrated Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud platform, TrueBlue streamlined its back-end operations as it helps both employers and workers find the best matches.

Why Unify Your ERP and HCM Business Applications?

76 percent of businesses say cloud migration will enable greater cross-team collaboration, but can HR and finance truly align? As a finance or HR leader, you shouldn't have to struggle to share information from disparate systems. A unified ERP and HCM cloud solution provides insights into how change impacts budgets, forecasts, talent, resource allocation, and more.

An integrated cloud offers a more manageable and secure alternative to separate, best-of-breed applications. Sharing HR and financial data provides a deeper view across your business. Your operations will be simplified, streamlined, and better able to react to unforeseen marketplace changes and support sustained growth. By allowing all lines of business to have cross-functional data access, you can get better management and decision-making.

“With HCM and ERP together in the cloud there is no lag time. And you don't need resources to make manual updates to data in both systems to ensure they are in sync.” Corey West, EVP, Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer, Oracle

Oracle Presents in Partnership with CFO.com

Strategically Connecting HR and Finance in the Cloud

Coordination between Finance and HR is critical but too often blocked by organization and technology silos. Hear the experts explore topics such as expense and workforce planning, employee technology experience, joint leadership through recovery, and how a unified cloud platform for ERP and HRMS supports joint HR and finance goals.

MIT Tech Review Survey

Finance and HR: The Cloud‘s New Power Partnership

The cloud has become a critical tool for growth-minded companies looking for an edge. Find out why finance and HR leaders now consider cloud a strategic necessity, and why one in three organizations plan to create a shared finance and HR function within one year.

Oracle Cloud Applications Customer Successes

Oracle Cloud Helps IBVI Create Careers for the Blind

Find out how Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired (IBVI) opened new career paths for its workforce by moving off its homegrown software solutions to Oracle Cloud Applications.

Oracle Cloud Helps Save the Children, India Provide Relief

The Indian nonprofit uses Oracle HCM Cloud to hire the most dedicated aid workers and Oracle ERP Cloud to manage donations.

Adventist Health Provides Holistic Healthcare with Oracle

Adventist Health continues to provide holistic healthcare and invests in the community by streamlining its' legacy systems through deploying Oracle's integrated application cloud suite, including, ERP, HCM, EPM, and Analytics.

Why A Unified Finance-HR Cloud Is the New Best of Breed

Sharing data on a common cloud platform enhances efficiency, governance, and employee experience. Learn how.

See the integrated difference

Streamline HR processes for global payroll, diversity, and workforce management.


Empower CFOs and CHROs to become even stronger business partners.

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Understand how to transform your business by bringing HR and finance together.

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Oracle Cloud Applications

Some niche application providers simply move their on-premise software to the cloud, calling it SaaS. This model still leaves you with the work of integrating disparate HR and finance systems, and upgrading them when the old systems no longer meet your business needs.

Oracle HCM and ERP Cloud offer a true software-as-a-service model, with preintegrated HR and finance applications that update on a regular basis.