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Oracle Recruiting

Go beyond a basic applicant tracking system (ATS). By leveraging captivating candidate experiences, native recruitment marketing tools, and unification across HCM, recruiters can feel confident tackling any talent acquisition challenge in their path.

Discover Oracle Recruiting in this product tour.

Explore Oracle Recruiting

Candidate Experience

Personalized career sites

Entice unique candidate audiences with beautiful, branded landing pages and digital content using built-in design tools.

Guided candidate experiences

Provide candidates with quick answers to questions and application support through an intuitive, self-learning digital assistant.

Frictionless application process

Accelerate hiring by allowing applicants to get started with just an email or phone number—no account creation required.

Interview self-scheduling

Empower candidates to arrange interviews that fit into their schedules, streamlining the process and removing the task from hiring teams.

Mobile and SMS enabled

Leverage a solution designed to deliver fully mobile-responsive experiences and SMS interactions that keep candidates engaged..

Opportunity marketplace

Market job vacancies and temporary gigs to internal employees within one, easy-to-use platform, driving career mobility..

Strategic Sourcing

Intelligent candidate recommendations

Identify the right person for the job through AI, improving candidate quality while helping teams make nonbiased decisions.

Native candidate relationship management

Automatically interact with active and passive candidates, fostering meaningful relationships and nurturing future prospects..

Hiring campaign creation

Tackle high-volume or traditional hiring with email and social campaigns, amplifying outreach efforts and encouraging applications.

Talent communities

Enable candidates to align their interests with your hiring needs by joining user-defined groups for smarter targeting decisions.

Hiring Efficiency

Powerful automation tools

Improve productivity with dynamic automation for job postings, candidate communication, screening, interviews, and offers.

Personalized user experiences

Engage recruiters and hiring managers in the most mission-critical parts of the process by tailoring the solution to their tasks..

Streamlined recruiting processes

Leverage templates and common data elements from past roles to easily create new requisitions and proposals, reducing workload for your team.

Dynamic workflows

Transform candidates to employees and transition employees to new roles faster and more efficiently with user-defined rules and bulk actions.

Global network of partners

Enhance your hiring platform with access to an extensive ecosystem of integrated solutions that support Oracle Recruiting.

Innovative LinkedIn Integrations

Find talent and drive efficiency by importing LinkedIn profiles, leveraging LinkedIn-based candidate recommendations, and more.

Unified HCM

Internal talent awareness

Leverage existing employees for new opportunities by gaining visibility into the skills and aspirations of your workforce.

Full talent and organizational insight

Generate analytics and reports on talent through all stages of employment and understand the effects of recruiting on the business.

Guided onboarding paths

Onboard and preboard new hires with ease, using journeys to provide guided experiences and one source for tasks, actions, and learning.

Consistent user experiences

Provide teams with a single, consumer-like experience across different modules and devices, reducing training requirements.

One complete suite

Simplify your technology ecosystem by leveraging an all-in-one hiring and HR platform, reducing IT complexities and costs.

Discover how Oracle Recruiting excels over the competition

View all customer successes

Oracle Recruiting customer successes

Discover how a wide variety of our customers use Oracle Recruiting in their business.

National Instruments
Yum Brands
true blue

TrueBlue enhances and automates recruiting with Oracle Recruiting

Key benefits

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Cloud readiness

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Discover how easy transitioning to Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Cloud HCM, can be with help from Oracle Consulting experts.


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Meeting table

Video series: Oracle's Steve Miranda, EVP Oracle Applications Product Development, as he sits down with analyst Ray Wang.

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