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Communications Solutions

Oracle for Communications Service Providers—Solutions

Increase Service Monetization

Oracle offers the industry’s most comprehensive solutions portfolio spanning the entire communications systems landscape.

Communications IT Solutions

Communications IT Solutions

Rapidly Deliver and Monetize Digital Lifestyle Services

Take advantage of solutions spanning the communications landscape, from mission-critical BSS/OSS to Java running three billion devices worldwide.

Enterprise Communications

Enterprise Communications

Build the Hyper-Connected Enterprise

Seamlessly connect fixed and mobile users, enable rich multimedia customer interactions and automate business processes for significant increases in productivity.

White Paper
Solutions Brief

Connect, Secure and Control Enterprise Voice, Video and UC Networks

Service Provider Network icon

Communications Network Solutions

Delivering the Agile Network

Control and monetize resources with signaling, policy, and subscriber data management solutions. Drive IP evolution with tools for service consolidation and asset exposure.

Press Release
LTE Diameter Signaling Index

LTE Diameter Signaling Index 5th Edition

Oracle Communications Consulting

Oracle Communications Consulting

Optimize Your Oracle Communications Solutions

Take advantage of Oracle’s global presence, extensive experience, best-practices expertise, and unmatched product knowledge to gain significant business value at the lowest cost and deliver a superior customer experience.

Communications Consulting Solution Driven Design Approach

Communications Consulting Solution Driven Design Approach (4:54)

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