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Turn Data into Profit with Data Science

Get access to the latest machine learning technology and expert analysts and find ways to increase your margins. From menu engineering to forecasting of stock and labor, the Data Science service delivers tangible ROI.

Data Science helps you unlock the potential in the data you gather through your point of sale system, enabling you to increase sales and reduce costs.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Get Ahead of the Competition

  • Dynamically turn data insights into recommendations served at the POS
  • Grow revenues by making every sale count with the right cross- and upsells
  • Reduce loss through stock wastage and over-staffing with a single aligned forecast
  • Delight your guests by never running out of products and ingredients
How Can Data Science Help Your Business?
How Can Data Science Help Your Business?
Margins are being squeezed like never before in hospitality. Data Science helps you improve your profits through sales growth and cost-cutting.

Leading the way with Data Science
Leading the way with Data Science
Labor and food costs are increasing and competition for the dining dollar is high. With our Data Science service, our customers get access to world-class data analysts and machine learning technology on-demand.
—Mike Webster, General Manager, Hospitality and Retail

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