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Serving Opportunities for Growth to Small Restaurants

Small restaurant owners need a point-of-sale solution that offers maximum control of costs, while delivering the service that keeps guests coming back: fast, reliable, and able to support innovative new channels and payment methods.

Plan for growth

Grow a successful, multilocation business

Choose a point-of-sale solution that is easy to use, offers centralized management and control, and can adapt to different concepts and revenue-generation opportunities as you grow your business.

Increase sales

Expand your business through omnichannel

Delivery to home or workplace allows restaurants to serve more guests and increase revenues. Choose a point-of-sale platform that helps you maximize control.

Data is power

Know what’s happening in your business 24/7

You can’t be in two places at once. With Oracle’s mobile reporting app, you see stats on sales, staff productivity, and much more, while a powerful reporting solution allows for more in-depth trend analysis.

Reduce complaints

Keep control of your kitchens for consistency

With kitchen-management systems you can reduce waiting times and inaccuracies and deliver consistent results to your guests. The result? Fewer complaints and higher ratings.

Back office

Get control of your costs and profits

Food and staff costs account for more than 60 percent of a restaurant’s outgoings. Keep tight control of your expenditures using tools for managing labor and inventory and maximizing your profits.

Solutions for Small Restaurants

Thousands of small restaurant operators are benefitting from Oracle’s reliable, integrated solutions.

Point of Sale
Simphony Cloud Point of Sale

Take advantage of our easy-to-use cloud point of sale platform for centralized reporting and management of menus, promotions, and prices across multiple locations.

e7 Point of Sale

e7 Point of Sale is ideal for operators who want the reliability of Oracle technology in environments with lower transaction volumes, including table or quick service restaurants, delis, sandwich shops, nightclubs, and bars.

RES 3700

Thousands of restaurants around the world use RES 3700, our on-premises point-of-sale platform, to run their businesses.

Oracle MICROS Tablet 700 Series

Serve your guests quickly and efficiently with the 7-inch Oracle MICROS Tablet 700 Series. Lightweight design, long battery life, and maximum durability.

Oracle MICROS InMotion Mobile

Get real-time updates on sales and staff performance across all of your locations using this mobile app.

Self-Service Kiosk
Kiosk POS Software and Hardware

Allow your guests to place their own orders using self-service kiosks that are connected to your point of sale, thus increasing speed and sales through cross-selling capability.

Gift and Loyalty

Increase repeat visits with a loyalty program that recognizes and rewards guests, while keeping tight control of discounts and promotions.

Reporting and Analytics

Identify trends across your locations using a powerful reporting tool that allows you to cut costs and increase sales.

Kitchen Management
Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen display systems improve the way that your kitchens work, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing quality and speed of service.

Kitchen Display Hardware

Ruggedized kitchen hardware is built for hot, busy kitchen environments allowing you to simplify kitchen processes with confidence.

Cost Control
Inventory management

Keep a close eye on your stock so that you can reduce costs by eliminating waste, theft, over-ordering, and over-portioning.

Enterprise Menu Management

By outsourcing your food and beverage data management to our expert team, we eliminate the burden of maintaining your POS and inventory data.

Labor management

Keep your guests happy by achieving accurate staffing levels, while reducing the manual effort involved in creating and updating schedules.

Oracle MICROS Workstation 600 Series

Deliver exceptional guest experiences with the Oracle MICROS Workstation 600 Series. Sleek, rugged devices offer stylish performance and efficiency.

Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 300 Series

With a 10-inch design, the Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 310 and 310R enable increased sales and unprecedented price/performance.

Oracle MICROS Tablet 700 Series

The seven-inch Oracle MICROS Tablet 700 Series offers a lightweight design, extended battery life, and durability that is ideal for hospitality.

Simphony Cloud Point of Sale

Oracle Cloud Simphony Point of Sale, combined with our integration platform, allows operators to expand their businesses through delivery and other services that generate additional revenue and customer engagement.