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Oracle Government and Education

Adapt to change and deliver smart, connected, and secure solutions with Oracle’s complete cloud portfolio for government and education.

Ensure compliance with Oracle’s array of FedRAMP-authorized services.

Federal lab reduced IT infrastructure costs with Oracle Linux and virtualization
Kansas bolsters delivery of vital nutrition and childcare benefits with Oracle Government Cloud
City of Atlanta securely modernizes back-office operations with integrated Oracle solutions
A hybrid cloud approach gave King County options to drive cost savings and efficiencies
Rice University reduces costs and increases efficiency by moving to Oracle Cloud

Create a smart, connected, secure government

Modernize IT infrastructure and applications

Innovate with secure, cost-effective, and FedRAMP-compliant cloud infrastructure. Choose from flexible deployment options—public, private, and hybrid clouds—to seamlessly build, deploy, and manage workloads.

Explore Federal
Modernize IT infrastructure and applications
Safeguard national security

Safeguard national security

Rely on world-class data management, security, integration, analytics, and development platforms to handle the most demanding national security missions around the world. Support data at Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Impact Level 5 (IL5) and FedRAMP High, and rely on national security regions to handle secret and top-secret assignments.

Explore National Security

Deliver smarter state and local government services

Reimagine constituent interactions. Automate back office operations and reduce IT spend. Center public safety initiatives on simplicity, transparency, and trust. Create a smarter, more open government that taps into data intelligence to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

Explore State and Local
Deliver smarter state and local government

“One of my top goals coming into this office was to make sure that we provide public service that is both effective and cost-efficient. This milestone of the project with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is our biggest success to date. I hope this lays the groundwork for future modernization projects in other counties and departments.”

Jeffrey Prang

Los Angeles County Assessor

Improve lives and strengthen communities

Provide efficient and effective public healthcare

Provide efficient and effective public healthcare

Meet the complex needs of public health systems and their patients with cloud technologies that improve population health, reduce per capita cost, and increase quality of care.

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Elevate education for students and institutions

Enrich teaching, learning, and administrative experiences. Support both student and institutional success with cloud-based recruiting, financial, analytics, and research solutions.

Explore Education
Elevate education for students and institutions
Run smarter cities for an interconnected world

Run smarter cities for an interconnected world

Develop smart, connected cities to better engage citizens, revitalize infrastructure, and intelligently deliver services. Securely and strategically manage data in the cloud to drive efficiency and sustainability in city operations and enhance quality of life for all.

Explore Smart Cities

Featured Government and Education cloud products

Oracle Government Cloud

Rely on a secure, cost-effective, and open cloud infrastructure platform built for government. Oracle’s government cloud includes two FedRAMP regions for public sector, and a public cloud option for less stringent requirements.

ERP for Government

Move your financial data to a secure and modern cloud. From procurement to core accounting and reporting functions, government leaders can securely access vital financial data anytime, anywhere.

HCM for Government and Education

Recruit and retain the top talent you need to deliver government missions at all levels.

CX for Government

Provide connected experiences when and how your citizens need them. Streamline operations and unlock insights to improve responsiveness.

Student Information System

Put students on a path to success with a flexible system featuring powerful AI and smart financial-aid solutions.

Student Financial Planning

Put higher education in reach with an automated financial aid experience that's personalized for each individual.

Trending Government and Education solutions

Discover new ways to use chatbots to connect with constituents

Discover new ways to use chatbots to connect with constituents, staff, and students.

Watch the chatbot webinar
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution for Government gives you the security you require, with full control and ease of procurement.

Watch the Cloud VMware Solution webinar
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Memphis eliminates paperwork and streamlines talent management with Oracle Cloud HCM.

Read more on Oracle Cloud HCM

First principles: Baking security into the cloud

Nachiketh Potlapally, Architect, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Software Development Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s built-in security features help enterprise customers confidently run mission-critical applications.

Read the complete post

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Make your data serve your mission

The state of Maine deployed Oracle Analytics Cloud to empower employees to build their own reports without a data scientist on staff.

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