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Beyond EDC—Don’t Just Capture Data, Collect It

Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Data Collection goes beyond EDC, allowing you to collect data sets from any source and harmonize them in a single place to draw valuable clinical insight.

Key Features

Clinical One Data Collection

  • Save time: Build a study in weeks instead of months and make mid-study changes in real time, deploying them in minutes without any cost
  • Harmonize data: Eliminate inconsistent, incompatible, incomplete, missing, and duplicated data
  • Streamline workflow: Put an end to numerous study builds, multiple validations, and complicated integration requirements
White paper

Has EDC Kept Up With Changes in Clinical Trials?

Emerging technology can overcome EDC limitations in today's complex clinical trial environment.

Has EDC Kept Up With Changes in Clinical Trials?

Think Differently About Clinical Data Collection

White paper

The Time is Now for Transformation in Clinical Data Collection (PDF)

The swift transition to virtual clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that remote methods for collecting data and conducting visits were not only possible but can bring real benefits to research studies.

Executive Summary

Beyond EDC: Don't Just Capture Data, Collect It (PDF)

The fundamental shifts in clinical trial complexity demand better data collection methods. By unifying multiple systems into a single platform, clinical trials can be operationalized in a more cost-efficient, compliant, low-risk manner.

Solution Brief

Clinical One Data Collection (PDF)

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is no longer sufficient for today’s clinical trials. Clinical research has evolved. Learn more about Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Data Collection.


Tomorrow's Clinical Trials, Today

What if sites could randomize and collect subject data in one place, study teams could build a study once, and data managers had real-time visibility into clean and complete data? See for yourself.

Hot Topic

Market Research Report: The Use of Virtual Components in Clinical Trials (PDF)

See how key stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem define “decentralized trials” and get their perspective on the associated challenges and opportunities.


Decentralized Trials

Beyond Technology: Exploring, Defining, and Breaking Down the Barriers in Decentralized Trials

Solution brief

Clinical One: The Only Truly Unified Platform (PDF)

What if you could build a study once, enter data once, and do everything in one place? Now you can, with Clinical One.