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Unlock continuous innovation

Oracle @ Hannover Messe 2021

Now available on-demand | 12–16 April, 2021

Juergen Lindner welcome video (2:07)

Grow with a proven partner

Traditional, on-premises business systems weren’t designed to manage the complexities of launching and scaling global products and services. That’s why today’s most innovative organizations connect product lifecycle management, supply chain and manufacturing processes, and data in the cloud. Oracle has the strength and stability to always be here for you. With Oracle Cloud we deliver unified business processes with all the capabilities you need to support resilience, agility, innovation, and growth across your entire business. Like to know how you can fuel growth while staying ahead of customer demands? Register now to:

  • Join a virtual guided tour
  • Learn how to accelerate global product, service and business model innovation; speed time to market share; anticipate and exceed customer expectations
  • See latest demos
  • Hear from customers their best practices

Event overview

Times shown in

How manufacturers are digitizing to innovate faster and adapt in an ever-changing world

The last few years have brought significant challenges to manufacturers. Those that have already digitized their businesses are now in a better position to increase their market share. And companies that have not are now racing to catch up. The clear benefits of digitization are convincing manufacturers to go digital—enabling automation and collaboration to reduce latency and increase flexibility across the business. Digitizing in the cloud further supports resiliency, new business models, continuous innovation, and faster time to market. Join this live stream to learn how Oracle can help you accelerate your own business transformation and quickly realize the advantages of a smart, unified digital platform.

  • John Barcus

    Group Vice President, Manufacturing Industries and Emerging Technologies

Industry 4.0—Smart Manufacturing in Action

Manufacturers are faced with the demands of changing customer needs, accelerated delivery times, the faster pace of innovation, and the demand for product excellence. And most manufacturers still operate from multiple manufacturing sites, many of which specialize in different operations using different systems. But fast-changing disruptive technologies like IoT, AI/ML, robotics and cloud computing are shaping the factory of the future. Hear first hand stories from Noble Plastics and Titan as they share how a unified digital approach enabled them to seamlessly inter-connect their manufacturing operations. See how more visibility and better collaboration resulted in optimized designs, processes, and production, with improved core processes and better quality control. Come and learn about smart manufacturing in action from Oracle Industry 4.0 Lab.

  • John Barcus

    Group Vice President, Manufacturing Industries and Emerging Technologies

  • Surya Kommareddy

    Director, Industry Strategy Group

Building Sustainable Supply Chain Operations

Leaders around the world are putting a stake in the ground in the race to leverage alternative energy and achieve carbon neutrality. Hear about how supply chain operations are critical to these efforts and how Oracle Cloud is helping organizations build more sustainable businesses.

  • Jon S. Chorley

    Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President, Supply Chain Management Product Strategy

Connected Logistics: Highway to Logistics 4.0

With today’s seismic volatility in market demand and supply constraints, manufacturers and shippers are faced with logistics challenges to meet customer demands. Customers want their complete orders to arrive in perfect condition, delivered on time, to the right place. Meeting and exceeding these expectations require the need for real-time end-to-end visibility, and better understanding of data to make faster and actionable decisions. In this session, learn how you can achieve consistent and on-time deliveries through Oracle’s transportation and warehouse management solutions, integrated with intelligent applications, including IoT fleet and cargo monitoring, yard management, machine learning, scenario modeling, and digital assistants.

Service Transformation: Make new, service- oriented business models profitable

Manufacturers are undergoing a transformation within their businesses to meet the requirements of the digital age. Service is the new battleground for driving sales, capturing and retaining customers and service offerings are reshaping business models. Everything from music to complex products such as vehicles and jet engines can be delivered as a service. However, making these business models profitable is not easy. It requires a “new operating model” that provides the flexibility needed for new revenue models such as offering “products as a service”, “pay-as-you-go” and subscription-based models. Join us to learn how to make new, service- oriented business models profitable.

Integrated Business Planning and Execution

Innovation through new products or services or adapting your existing product mix to market changes requires flexible and rapid integrated business planning. It also requires timely insights from supply chain execution systems from order management through logistics, manufacturing and procurement. The Oracle Cloud offers an Integrated Business Planning and Execution solution that provides high level planning features supporting strategic decision making and tightly integrated execution data to manage real time operations. New features like the Oracle Planning Advisor, uses artificial intelligence to provide recommended actions, reducing planner data management tasks and driving execution toward company objectives for managing costs and improving customer service. Increasingly large planning and execution data environments can also benefit from Planning Advisors recommendation engine as it highlights plan to actual variance in real time, helping planners fully understand changing trends and disruption and reduce decision making latency.

Intelligent Applications for Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Oracle’s approach for future supply chain and factories of the future encompasses an array of intelligent applications and embedded technologies. We can help you demystify and easily assimilate IoT, blockchain and AI concepts and technologies into your digital strategy to create innovative services with less risk. Managing and analyzing the enormous amount of real-time data generated by the multitude of IoT-connected devices demands a multi-faceted robust IoT solution that incorporates the latest innovations such as digital twins, machine-learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing. Multi-enterprise visibility can be achieved with blockchain embedded within supply chain applications.

  • Terri Hiskey

    Vice President of SCM and Manufacturing Product Marketing

  • Michael Richter

    Principal Director, Product Marketing, Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Female Leadership in a Diverse & Inclusive Global Workforce

As hyper-globalization continues to shrink our global village at a rapid pace, we must collectively embrace the fact that our global workforces should reflect the diversity of our customers. We all know that “representation matters” and yet many multi-national corporations still have a long way to go when it comes to the representation of women, people of color, and other under-represented communities within their respective workforces. Countless studies have proven that global workforces that embed diversity and inclusion into their culture are more financially profitable. As multi-national corporations race to expand their employee workforces to represent the true diversity of their global customer base, many companies like Oracle understand this ever-evolving business imperative.

In this panel, Oracle executive leaders will share their thought leadership on the value to build a more diverse and inclusive culture.

    Visit our virtual booths

    Together with our partners we would like to welcome you to our virtual experience platform we designed to help you navigate through all different aspects of the supply chain and help you unlock continuous innovation. Click on the link below to join our virtual experience platform.

  • Unlock continuous innovation

    Most firms cannot access the critical data needed for constant innovation. It needs a digital thread to align SCM and manufacturing data and connect processes and people on one platform to bridge the gaps, silos, and opportunities for failure within legacy systems. An integrated, and agile cloud platform lets you harness real-time data and insights to drive a strong and continuous ideas stream. So that you can plan, develop, and deliver faster innovation to serve customers’ changing needs.

    • SEE how our platform frees your data to drive more efficient, collaborative, agile, scaleable, consistent, real-time, and predictive processes.
    • HEAR how Oracle’s Intelligent Applications for Supply Chain and Manufacturing enable digital connections across a business.
    • EXPLORE Oracle Fusion Applications

    Solutions: Product Lifecycle Management, Integrated Business Planning & Execution, Supply Chain Planning, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Service Logistics

  • Platform for business innovation

    When market needs keep changing you must respond, adapt, and innovate. Oracle Cloud helps you turn ideas into reality by unifying processes and connecting data end-to-end and at any scale. The world’s most advanced and adaptable cloud offers unmatched security and unparalleled cloud applications. With everything aligned on a single platform you can transform product, service, and business models to transform the value chain and drive a steady stream of innovative solutions.

    • SEE how our technologies digitally link operational and information technology enabling business process transformation and value chain efficiencies
    • HEAR how manufacturers are digitizing to innovate faster and adapt in an ever-changing world.
    • EXPLORE Oracle Cloud

    Solutions: Analytics, Procurement, Customer Experience, Human Capital Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Develop

    Innovation is about more than recognising great ideas. Connected digital innovation needs a powerful platform for collaborative and data-centric processes that enable you to collaborate effectively, progress ideas, pivot when needed, align resources and communicate effectively from start to finish. With Oracle every process in the innovation structure can be managed and controlled in a single system. Data is gathered and accessible, enabling you to progress product and service innovations dependably and successfully.

    • SEE how Oracle can support efficient closed-loop processes that help you evaluate, execute, and deliver new products to market faster.
    • EXPLORE Oracle Fusion Product Lifecycle Management – Accelerate product innovation, development, and commercialisation.

    Solution: Product Lifecycle Management

  • Plan

    Silos of information spread across legacy systems can only limit visibility, hamper collaboration, inhibit innovation and increase costs. Embracing integrated business planning and execution solutions transforms that visibility and enables united planning and action across all the development functions. Cloud planning enables you to create and align plans across the enterprise so that you can allocate resources, optimise performance, and promote profitable new product development.

    • SEE how Oracle delivers advanced, end to end planning and analytics for manufacturers so they can define, plan, and meet their performance aims.
    • EXPLORE Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Planning – better and faster planning results with end-to-end demand management, planning, and collaboration.

    Solutions: Supply Chain Planning, Integrated Business Planning & Execution

  • Make

    Today’s competitive marketplace requires fast responses and development of products that meet rapidly changing customer needs. It needs smart, modern, connected manufacturing models that can adapt dynamically to the changing environment and maintain manufacturing competitiveness. Oracle Cloud enables companies to streamline and synchronise manufacturing process to respond fast, boost efficiency and enable end-to-end visibility of the production process and costs.

    • SEE our demonstration of Smart Manufacturing Solutions that help manufacturers drive operational excellence, increase OEE and create customer satisfaction.
    • EXPLORE Oracle Fusion Manufacturing – make anything via a tightly integrated and streamlined manufacturing execution system.

    Solution: Manufacturing

  • Serve

    Building services around customers is increasingly essential, and there are many ways that traditional products can be transformed and delivered ‘as a service’. Doing so effectively means you must be able to capture, analyse and act on what customers are saying. Companies that effectively capture the value of customer feedback can use it to drive new ideas, and develop, plan, and deliver them rapidly to create competitive advantage. They can keep designing and launching profitable products and services that keep customers returning and renewing.

    • SEE how Oracle supports service-based business activities, models and service concepts helping manufacturers with configurable products and add-on services sustain service excellence.
    • LEARN more about Service Transformation and how to make new, service-oriented business models profitable
    • EXPLORE Oracle Fusion Service/Maintenance – get efficient maintenance to reduce costs and increase reliability and uptime.

    Solutions: Maintenance, Service Logistics

  • Deliver

    Connected digital logistics can help you assure the perfect delivery on which you and your customers rely. Modern digital solutions can go a long way towards perfecting the path from order to delivery – and avoiding issues from poor inventory visibility, impact of capacity constraints and challenges of supply chain volatility. They can enable the reinvention of aspects of managing and fulfilling orders to streamline end-to-end processes, bring in greater flexibility, and manage the costs and practicalities around cross border trade.

    • SEE how connected logistics can help you monitor and manage all aspects of delivery from cargo to vehicles and precise status of shipments.
    • LEARN more about Connected Logistics and the Highway to Logistics 4.0
    • EXPLORE Oracle Fusion SCM solutions

    Solutions: Warehouse Management, Order Management, Transportation Management, Global Trade Management

  • Collaborate

    Today’s supply chain professionals need better insight to make fast and confident decisions. They need transparency, total traceability, and access to information with near-zero latency. Integrated cloud business applications and flexible access to information enable collaboration around a unified view of operations for effective monitoring and quick response to unplanned events. Oracle SCM solutions deliver insights that help users leverage all the advantages of connected data, IoT, AI and more to drive better supply chain performance.

    • SEE how you can sense and orchestrate supply chain events almost in real time for rapid reaction to unexpected events and enhanced control of supply chain processes, performance, and product quality.
    • HEAR from our expert about Integrated Business Planning and Execution.
    • EXPLORE Oracle Fusion SCM solutions

    Solutions : Intelligent Track & Trace, Intelligent Applications (IoT), Collaboration & Visibility

Event speakers

John Barcus
John Barcus Group Vice President, Manufacturing Industries and Emerging Technologies

John Barcus is an experienced Vice President of Manufacturing and emerging technologies with a demonstrated history of working in the manufacturing and information technology and services industries. He is a strong business development professional skilled in Industry, Business Process, Applications, Professional Services, Management, and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Jon Chorley
Jon S. Chorley Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President, Supply Chain Management Product Strategy

Jon Chorley is group vice president of product strategy for Oracle’s supply chain management (SCM) applications and leads the team responsible for driving the business requirements and product roadmaps for these applications. Oracle’s best-in-class SCM applications support value-chain transformation through the enablement of the information-driven value chain. These solutions include product lifecycle management, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, asset lifecycle management, value-chain planning, and order fulfillment.

Chorley is also the chief sustainability officer for Oracle. In this role, he drives and coordinates all initiatives, both internally and externally, related to environmental sustainability. This responsibility covers all areas, from IT infrastructure and business operation to corporate reporting and risk management. Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment.

Chorley has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry in a broad set of roles including sales, implementation, and development. He began his career with IBM, selling and deploying systems and application software. He was also a principal at Modular Systems, a consulting company specializing in supply chain applications for midsize companies. In addition, Chorley has led software development at Synon for a CASE development tool, and was vice president of National Envelope, a major paper company. He has been with Oracle for 15 years. Prior to his current role he was responsible for the development of Oracle’s supply-chain logistics applications.

Chorley graduated summa cum laude with a joint BA in physics and geophysics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Terri Hiskey
Terri Hiskey Vice President of SCM and Manufacturing Product Marketing

Terri Hiskey is the Vice President of SCM and Manufacturing Product Marketing for Oracle Corporation. She came to Oracle from Epicor, a global provider of ERP solutions for small and midsize manufacturers and distributors, where she led the manufacturing product marketing team. Previous to that, Terri spent nearly a decade leading various SCM product marketing efforts to promote Oracle’s product lifecycle management, manufacturing, maintenance and order management solutions. Terri has over twenty years of technology marketing experience focused primarily on helping customers efficiently design, build and service innovative products for the right markets at the right time. Based in Austin, Texas, she holds a BA from The George Washington University and an MA from Suffolk University.

Surya Kommareddy
Surya Kommareddy Director, Industry Strategy Group

Surya Kommareddy is the Director of Industry Strategy at Oracle. Surya has over 20 years of experience in developing and promoting digital solutions for discrete manufacturing. At Oracle, Surya leads Smart Manufacturing solution development, thought leadership, partner ecosystems, and experience demo creation. Before joining Oracle, Surya worked for DMG MORI, a globally renowned CNC machine tool manufacturer. At DMG MORI, he contributed to various technologies such as CAD/CAM, enterprise applications, automation, asset monitoring, and Industry 4.0. He also has diverse leadership experience in software engineering, product management, business strategy, and partnerships. He has a master’s in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, Davis, and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley. Surya’s current focus at Oracle is on AI for manufacturing, enabling factories of the future, and connected digital innovation.

Joan Lim
Joan Lim Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Joan Lim leads product marketing for Oracle Cloud Logistics solutions, covering transportation, global trade, and warehouse management. Prior to Oracle, Joan held product marketing and strategy positions at Unilever, Qualcomm, Amadeus IT Group and various start-ups focusing on cloud applications and supply chain. Joan has a master’s degree in digital marketing strategy from Georgetown University, and a master’s degree in business from ESSCA Business School in France.

Tom McDonough
Tom McDonough Senior Director SCM Product Marketing

Tom McDonough is responsible for Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration Product Marketing at Oracle. He has 10 years of experience with cloud based SaaS products and product marketing and Supply Chain Software and Business Process Design.

Evelyn Mei
Evelyn Mei Senior Product Strategy Manager

Evelyn Mei is a Senior Product Strategy Manager at Oracle. She has launched two AI-based products for the enterprise - the Oracle Logistics Digital Assistant and the Oracle Machine Learning Capability for Transportation Management. She is a Professional Mentor at TechWomen, where she provides one-on-one support to the next generation of women leaders in STEM from the Middle East. She is also a Mentor at AI4ALL, where she coaches underrepresented US college students on the frontiers of AI and AI ethics.

Aniello Pepe
Aniello Pepe Director, Discrete Industry Solutions

Aniello Pepe is an Oracle Automotive Innovation Advisor with more than 25 years of experience in leading transformational propositions for Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), including CNH Industrial and Ferrari, Volkswagen Group and for SGS, the worldwide leader in the T.I.C. (Testing, Inspection, and Certification) industry.

He has been working in the discrete manufacturing, automotive and A&D industries for more than 25 years, as a business consultant, complemented by a deep knowledge of enterprise applications as director of product development and product marketing.

As an industry expert, he is frequently invited as a speaker to events and conferences. He worked in several innovation projects financed by EU Commission programs.

Michael Richter
Michael Richter Principal Director, Product Marketing, Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Michael Richter’s career has included senior marketing roles at News Corporation, MGM, Turner Entertainment Networks Asia, Inc., Yahoo!Inc.,Setanta Sports, Media Zoneand for the past 7-years, at Oracle. He led the pioneering roll out of cable and satellite TV in Asia and lived in Hong Kong for a10-year period in the 90'sthen transitioned to digital media and product management roles headquartered in the United States. After implementing Salesforce systems for a period of five years, he joined Oracle in 2013 as a CX strategist. In 2019, he moved to the Product Marketing team to launch Oracle’s first purpose-built application for supply chain management employing blockchain and IoT technologies. Demystifying complex concepts, producing compelling video assets and orchestrating global campaigns and virtual events is his passion. He holds an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird Global School of Management in Alliance with ASU, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Saint Thomas. A native of Minnesota, he is also a Luxembourg citizen and since 2000 has resided in San Francisco, California.

Traci Wade
Traci Wade Senior Director Diversity & Inclusion

Traci Wade has been employed with Oracle for over 16 years. She had the pleasure to work as an Oracle Talent Advisor where she assisted with building diverse pipelines of talents. In 2009, Traci had an unique opportunity to launch the diversity and inclusion team as the Senior Diversity and Inclusion Consultant.

In July 2018, she was promoted into the Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion role. In this role, Traci is responsible for leading a team that is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture within Oracle. She is leading this initiative by engaging our executive leaders in creating strategies to increase awareness of the business impact and value of diversity and inclusion.

Traci serves on the Advisory Council for Cal Poly, School of Business and Board Advisor to Advancing Minorities Interest in Engineering.

Joseph Clay
Joseph Clay VP, HCM Transformation

Joseph Clay is a VP of Human Capital Management supporting the NA market for Higher Education and Healthcare on Oracle’s Transformation team. He brings over 25 years of experience driving HR strategies across complex domestic and multinational organizations. Prior to joining Oracle, he was VP of Global Talent Management for Apollo Education in Phoenix, Arizona where he led talent acquisition, management and development for 16,000+ employees in global locations, including the Americas, Western Europe and Asia.

As an influencer and thought leader, he thrives in partnering with leaders to leverage smart emerging and cloud technology to address the toughest people challenges. He is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic advocate for driving sustainable process reengineering to improve HR service delivery, reduce costs and create more agile organizations.

Joseph Clay
Stefanie Kemp Vice President TSBU Sales & Country Leader Germany

Stefanie Kemp has been Country Leader Germany at Oracle since June 2020. Before joining Oracle, Stefanie held various positions as Vice President for Business Transformation and Digitalization. Her 30-year IT career also includes CIO positions at RWE and the Vorwerk Group. She received the CIO of the year and the Global Exchange Award. In addition to her role at Oracle, she sits on various committees such as a member of the non-executive committee of the eco association. She also advocates more femininity in information technology and in leadership positions. She is particularly proud of the "Ladies in Tech" special award for her commitment.

Dominic Regan
Dominic Regan Senior Director VCE, Oracle

Dominic Regan is the Senior Director for Oracle's Value Chain Execution portfolio across Western Europe including Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle Warehouse Management, Oracle Global Trade Management and Landed Cost Management

Dominic is responsible for all Value Chain Execution sales development and business development activities. These include working with existing and potential customers in determining the business value and return on investment from deploying such solutions, as well developing Oracle's thought leadership position in this area.

Mohamed Absar
Mohamed Absar Head of Projects & Solutions, DP World Group

Working Technical Advisor to Group COO for Logistics & Technology and Head of Projects & Solutions the DP World Group. He led large digital transformation projects using Oracle Fusion across DP World, established digital logistics platform, and implemented various technology solutions across 60+ countries.

Played a key role in developing strategy for acquisitions and managing post-acquisition integration with DP World network and has worked closely with business units in implementing the strategic objectives of the organization.

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