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Sell Smarter with Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Sales

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent (AI) Apps for Sales provides AI and data-driven, in-the-moment intelligence to identify and direct sales reps to the opportunities with the highest win probabilities, providing next-best actions to improve sales conversion.

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Sales
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Opportunity Win Probability

AI and data-driven win probability scores help sales reps prioritize sales opportunities and improve forecast accuracy. Leveraging customer attributes, sales activities, pipeline stage, and sales outcome history, the data science model scores the win probability and identifies where there is a discrepancy with existing forecasts to prompt further investigation.

Win probability scores provide the sales rep an objective estimation of opportunity probability-to-close, which helps them identify where problems exist. With this information, the sales team is more efficient, focused, and ready to close more business.

Opportunity Recommended Actions

Automated recommendations for opportunity recommended actions optimize the sales rep's execution. Actions are determined based on past sales efforts, sales stages, and outcomes by looking at past sales history data. These practical opportunity recommended actions offer clear guidance to sales reps on what actions are most likely to close each sales opportunity.

Deal Acceleration

Deal Acceleration identifies opportunities that offer the best chance of closing early. The machine-learning model examines the data for each opportunity and re-forecasts the likelihood to close based on an earlier close date. The difference in win probability is shown to the sales rep to allow them to make an informed decision.

Opportunities with a high probability can then be focused on for an early close, helping the rep fill a gap against target for the current sales period.

Account Enrichment

Enrich customer records and learn more about your customers with AI-derived firmographic data and signals. Inaccurate CRM data means time wasted selling to companies that are not a good fit. Account enrichment allows you to provide account context within your CRM with trusted, third-party data and real-time signals from Oracle DataFox, an AI-driven company intelligence platform.

Customer records are enriched with over 70 firmographic data points and 68 types of signals. Use this data to profile and classify your customer base, or leverage data for niche campaign segmentation and accurate sales territory definitions.

Account Prioritization

Rank your target universe for a more focused approach to prospecting, and increase the volume of new sales. With Oracle DataFox, statistical models rank your prospects so you can focus on organizations with the highest potential first. The transparent model explains how accounts are scored so you can modify it to suit your needs.

Account prioritization provides go-to-market teams with a faster path to revenue focusing on best target accounts and opportunities. Account scoring provides a data-driven way to focus on high quality accounts, and the criteria is customizable to support changing company initiatives. Scoring criteria is not a black box, but visible to end users to build credibility of scores.

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Expansion

Expand your Total Addressable Market (TAM) with AI-curated data from Oracle DataFox's company intelligence platform. Machine learning creates an ideal customer profile (ICP) for your business, which is used to identify lookalikes from the Oracle DataFox business universe and pull this data directly into your systems. These target organizations can then be nurtured from high-scoring prospects to qualified business opportunities.

TAM expansion enables go-to-market teams to increase revenue with a larger prospect base. Run advanced searches to find new target companies, leverage an analysis tool to create a data-driven ICP, and then use this profiling criteria to define lookalikes to expand your market.

Smart Talking Points

Engage in more productive conversations with customers and prospects via smart talking points provided directly to your CRM system. Powered by Oracle DtaFox, 68 types of real-time data signals help sales reps identify opportunities as they arise and hold more engaging and relevant business discussions when they matter most.

Smart talking points enable sellers to increase conversion rates of emails or calls by improving the relevance of their content. Signals deliver relevant and topical talking points for a given account so sales representatives can engage relevantly with customers and prospects.


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