Data Lake service features

Create secure data lakes

Unified access control

OCI Data Lake provides a single pane of glass view with centralized metadata. Users can manage metadata and access control (coarse and fine grained) within the lake console.

Two layers of security

OCI Data Lake secures your data lake using IAM policies and all lake objects, such as file, schemas, and table, are secured by policies defined within the lake.

Ensure interoperability for your data in any format

Open data format support for portability

OCI Data Lake supports Avro, Parquet, JSON, ORC, CSV, and Delta.
Tables created with the Delta format:

  • Support ACID transactions
  • Enable users to query data that was updated or removed at any point in time

Simplify data sharing

OCI Data Lake enables secure sharing of data stored in the lake without the need to copy or replicate the data. Users can grant or revoke access to Data Lake objects, such as databases, tables, rows, and columns, to other Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) users and OCI services. Data lake administrators can grant permissions to other Oracle IAM principals within the account.

Integrated with other OCI data services

Seamless data ingestion

OCI Data Lake is integrated with OCI Data Integration for no-code ETL and OCI Data Flow for code-driven data ingestion.

Discover data

Data stewards can curate lake entities with tags, user-defined properties, or business glossary terms, and OCI Data Lake's centralized metadata enables data users to easily discover lake entities.

Process and analyse

Data engineers and analysts can use other OCI services such as OCI Data Flow, Big Data Service, OCI Data Science notebooks or Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to quickly process and analyze the data in the data lake and derive key business insights from the data rather than spending time on integrating the services.

A fully managed service for your data

Fully managed

Reduce your infrastructure maintenance burden with automatic backups and patching delivered for you by Oracle.

Managed storage

OCI Data Lake provides secured managed storage for storing unstructured, semi structured, or structured data. Only authorized data lake users and processes can access data stored in OCI Data Lake managed location.