IBDAA improves compliance and visibility with Oracle Solutions

IBDAA gained a better understanding of Oracle licensing, ensuring compliance with Oracle agreements as well as optimizing use of their licenses.


The process was very professional and comprehensive. The Oracle representatives were patient and supportive and gave us the time we needed. It was clear Oracle wasn’t just there to make sure we were obeying the rules, they were there to help us.

Ghassan El-NemrIT Manager, IBDAA Microfinance

Business challenges

As a financial institution under the governance of the Central Bank of Lebanon, IBDAA has significant security and compliance requirements. IBDAA needed to first understand the terms of their software licensing requirements and ensure full compliance. Next, it needed to optimize usage of their current solutions to ensure that the company was getting the most from their investments. In addition, IBDAA wanted to better understand additional solutions that could potentially contribute to future success.

Our licenses are complicated. Oracle made the limits of those licenses clear. We now better understand the solutions we have and what we can and can’t do. We are confident we are compliant, and we have a collection of tangible facts to use in our reports and to help us make future IT choices.

Ghassan El-NemrIT Manager, IBDAA Microfinance

Why IBDAA Microfinance Chose Oracle

Oracle contacted IBDAA to conduct a license review in October 2019. IBDAA relied on Oracle License Management Services to provide a full audit of their licenses to ensure that the company was compliant with terms and conditions and to evaluate whether the company was getting the most out of their Oracle products.


Following a comprehensive review, Oracle License Management Services determined that IBDAA was operating in accordance with the terms and conditions of their Oracle agreements. The Oracle team also provided IBDAA with a clear view of the company’s Oracle product usage. For example, IBDAA had purchased several licenses for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, but during the audit determined that those licenses were not being used. IBDAA now has a full view and control of their license ownership and a better knowledge of complex licensing rules.

Going forward, IBDAA will be able to continue to monitor their use of Oracle products. This challenge is made easier because IBDAA now knows the environment better and understands the licensing rules that apply to their Oracle solutions.

Published:September 22, 2020