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Oracle Customer Success—Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company

Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company

SATCO Increases Engineering Project Efficiency with Oracle HCM Cloud


With Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud we have optimized workforce planning across the diverse range of our current and future engineering and construction projects. We have significantly reduced HR process time, automated payroll, enhanced project costing, and developed an analytical approach to our staffing management.

— Maurice Tromb, CFO, Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company

SATCO Cuts HR Process Time and Boosts Engineering Project Efficiency with Oracle HCM Cloud

Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company Ltd. (SATCO) provides a range of engineering and industrial services to a myriad of clients throughout the Middle East and Africa, including civil contracting services for commercial and residential buildings, airport equipment and supplies, and repair and maintenance services for machinery and equipment, in addition to landscaping, irrigation, catering, janitorial, parking facility management, and solid waste treatment and management services. More than four decades of experience has allowed SATCO to obtain deep-rooted market and consumer knowledge in the field of industrial services and construction, delivering world-class services throughout the region. The company owes its success to its ability to adapt to the region’s evolving environment and its fortitude to deal successfully with challenging economic circumstances.
With the majority of its HR processes having been conducted manually and individually per business division, putting increasing pressure on its HR department, SATCO recognized the need to harmonize its processes on a single human capital management (HCM) system to improve project efficiency and deliver more flexible workforce management across the organization.
Business Challenge
  • Improve workforce management for current and future engineering and construction projects by providing a single view of all SATCO’s employees—including job title, experience, skills, and availability—previously managed on separate, disconnected systems for each division and business unit
  • Enhance HR management for 3,500 multinational employees, for example by ensuring that passports, work permits, and residence permits are always kept up to date to avoid government fines and project delays
  • Enable SATCO to deliver more accurate project costing estimates to customers by providing instant visibility of its current staff employment costs in each job, function, and business division
  • Streamline the HR function by automating processes previously conducted manually, such as payroll calculations, approvals, and delivering reports to senior management, which necessitated a high HR headcount and led to slow service delivery
  • Streamlined HR processes for 3,500 employees, enhanced engineering project management and costing, increased companywide visibility, and ensured compliance with labor regulations by implementing Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud as a single, unified platform across all SATCO’s operating units
  • Facilitated costing estimations for upcoming construction projects in Qatar and Saudi Arabia thanks to accurate data on current employee costs and expenses, helping SATCO optimize budgets while also ensuring sufficient staffing levels for each project
  • Streamlined HR service delivery by reducing manual tasks such as data entry and filing employee documents and substantially cutting approval time across a range of HR processes
  • Minimized headcount in HR department by automating payroll processes, delivering instant HR reports to management—for example on employee skills, costs, and availability—and simplifying the maintenance of employee files for all 3,500 staff members on a single system
  • Facilitated manpower management for a range of local and overseas engineering projects, for example by being able to immediately identify and second project staff based on the employee’s current position, experience, knowledge, availability, and passport type
  • Enhanced payroll management for 3,500 multi-located and multi-functional staff by streamlining processes on a single, unified platform—for example automating employee deductions which previously needed to be manually calculated offline using multiple office spreadsheets
  • Enabled SATCO to customize HR reports required by various divisions and departments by implementing Oracle Java Cloud Service, for example making it easier for SATCO’s construction division to plan workforce management for upcoming development projects
  • Ensured full compliance with strict government labor legislation by deploying an automated system which alerts HR officers when an employee’s passport or residence permit is due to expire, and which is also linked to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor to facilitate payment of social security and other employee taxes
  • Provided accurate, up-to-the-minute reports to SATCO top management thanks to a single source of HR data spanning all divisions and departments, significantly enhancing workforce planning and cross-company collaboration for the company’s key construction and engineering projects
  • Ensured business continuity by deploying Oracle Database Cloud Service to provide anytime, anywhere access to business-critical applications used by employees in Saudi Arabia and across the region—eliminating previous system shutdowns, while ensuring the highest levels of IT security


We chose Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud over competing products from SAP and Microsoft due to its comprehensive features. Workforce management is a critical part of ensuring our project successes in a range of industries, and Oracle provides us with the flexibility to optimize our manpower across all projects.

— Maurice Tromb, CFO, Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company

About Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company Ltd. (SATCO) was established in 1975 and started its operations covering sectors in construction, landscaping, catering, airport support services, and systems control. A few short years after its inception, SATCO witnessed the construction boom of Saudi Arabia and took full advantage by forming joint ventures with foreign companies. Today, SATCO successfully continues its legacy as a private company that specializes in delivering first-rate products within the field of industrial services and construction. SATCO is committed to excellence, and takes pride in being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


SATCO selected Oracle Platinum Partner Evosys for its Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud implementation due to its deep experience in Oracle products and its global presence.
“At the time, it was not easy to find system implementers with the necessary Oracle Cloud experience. Evosys demonstrated its competence and the flexibility required for our IT journey, and the teamwork between Evosys and SATCO represented an important part of the project’s success,” Maurice Tromb said.
Published:  Aug 04, 2017