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Oracle Customer Success—Zamil Industrial Investment Company

Zamil Industrial Investment Company

Zamil Industrial Maximizes Staff Productivity and Data Security by Moving Databases and Application Servers to the Cloud with Zero Code Changes


We wanted to empower our staff with innovative IT solutions so they can perform their work optimally, rather than struggle with a small team of IT specialists deploying and maintaining solutions globally spread throughout our subsidiaries. By migrating to Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service we established a single version of truth, optimized workflows and document management, and increased developer productivity. With Oracle Cloud solutions, we gained the ability to implement new business requirements for our critical applications immediately—a major competitive advantage.

— Zaki Sabbagh, CIO, Zamil Industrial Investment Company

Zamil Industrial Investment Company is a premier Saudi Arabian business group engaged in the development of innovative design and engineering solutions for use in the construction industry. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Zamil Industrial provides a broad range of products and solutions that meet the needs of the global building and construction industry. Zamil Industrial implements its engineering excellence through products ranging from steel structures and communication transmission towers to climate control systems and construction materials. Zamil Industrial is present in 55 countries and sells its products and solutions in more than 90 countries around the globe.
Business Challenge
  • Automate provisioning and maintenance of application servers to reduce pressure on IT team and free IT administrators and developers for strategic tasks
  • Reduce database administration effort and avoid data inconsistencies between subsidiaries and headquarters by consolidating databases deployed across multiple sites in five countries
  • Establish a trusted version of corporate data and enable sharing of engineering and other documents throughout the enterprise
  • Gain in business agility and optimize management of global building and construction projects by standardizing workflows for creating, approving, and deploying forms and reports across the organization
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for licensing and maintaining databases and application servers to gain in competitiveness in the global building and construction industry
  • Deployed Oracle Database Cloud Service with a single instance of Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g on a dedicated virtual machine to run Zamil Industrial’s global construction operations on a single version of corporate data—thus maximizing data availability and security and enhancing staff productivity
  • Provisioned the cloud database with pre-defined configuration options within a few minutes thanks to Oracle Database Cloud Service’s wizard
  • Operated Oracle Database Cloud Service without a single database administrator by leveraging cloud tooling for easy database management—including automated backup with point-in-time recovery and one-click patching and upgrades
  • Used Oracle Java Cloud Service—powered by the industry’s #1 application server Oracle WebLogic Server and running on Oracle’s enterprise-grade infrastructure—for deploying and managing heterogeneous applications such as engineering document management, construction projects information system, and performance and human resources reporting
  • Moved existing applications to the cloud with zero code changes and increased developer and administrator productivity by leveraging Java Cloud Service’s fully automated administration and lifecycle management tools—including one-click patching, backup, scaling, and point-in-time restore—easily building and deploy new applications such as a ticketing tool
  • Saved one hour’s daily effort per site for database and application server maintenance and backups—two full-time equivalents per year—and gained the ability to re-allocate these IT specialists to focus on strategic objectives such as identifying opportunities for business process improvements and integrating applications throughout all business units
  • Reduced IT specialist travel to corporate sites across the globe to perform software upgrades by adopting single instances of Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Boosted business focus by ensuring that critical applications are always available and performing optimally, that backups are realized regularly and securely, and that patches and upgrades are applied in a timely manner—with minimum internal effort
  • Avoided vendor lock-in with a standards-based cloud platform for database operation and application deployment


Zamil Industrial is a very satisfied user of numerous Oracle products—such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle Database. Oracle has a strong presence and an excellent track record in the Middle East, which gives confidence to our IT team and our board. When we compared Oracle’s cloud offerings with other vendors we found that only Oracle’s cloud technology frees us entirely from licensing, configuring, and managing our business-critical database and application server environment. And Oracle’s standards-based cloud platform for database operation and application deployment means we avoid vendor lock-in. That’s why we chose to move to the cloud with Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service.

— Zaki Sabbagh, CIO, Zamil Industrial Investment Company


“For each site, we migrated the Oracle Database to Oracle Database Cloud Service with the help of Oracle SQL Developer. We did not need to modify anything in our databases in order to migrate to the cloud. We then migrated our web services from Oracle WebLogic Server to Oracle Java Cloud Service, and had the same advantage here—no need to apply changes to the existing code of our forms and reports”, Sabbagh said. “Now we are about to add more services such as Oracle Doc Cloud Service so that users can store their documents in the cloud. We will then have one global repository, with high data security and automated backups. We will also explore Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service to generate various analytical reports for our clients on their handheld devices”.

About Zamil Industrial Investment Company


Dammam, Saudi Arabia


More than 10,000

Annual Revenue

$1 to $5 Billion
Published:  Apr 07, 2015