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Product Tour—Oracle Digital Experience for Communications

Create seamless experiences for communications customers

See in-market campaigns and their status

360-degree offer dashboard

See all the offers you have in market and track their performance from one view.

Oracle transforms the customer experience for communications companies by providing a quick view into the number of live campaigns and offers there are in market and what stage they are in.

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UI of product launch screen

Launch new offers quickly and intelligently

Create and launch a new offer quickly or clone an existing one. Then, manage all aspects of that offer with a predictive, modern, intuitive, and guided user interface.

With portfolio performance dashboards, easily update the offer components like products and services, pricing, terms, and entitlements.

See how to launch products and innovations faster

Publish offer UI screen

One-click publish

With just one click, you can update and submit offers to the manager to confirm and publish. Once published, offers are sent to relevant systems such as sales and billing catalogs. You save you time by launching in days instead of weeks.

Sample communications ecommerce site

Hyper-personalized offers

Oracle helps you send personalized, relevant, and timely offers to your target audiences on their preferred channel.

Mobile screens personalized for sports customer

Hyper-personalized offers

By understanding the needs of each customer, you can better engage with them. Here, Oracle knows that a customer is a sports enthusiast and sends an offer with their favorite sports team's branding.

Eligible plans for communications customers

Complete guided ordering

As customers continue to engage, Oracle recommends relevant and personalized products, plans, offers, and more. Because your ecommerce site is connected to back-office applications like fulfillment and finance, you can guarantee ship dates and offer customer-specific billing plans.

Sample UI of fulfillment screen

Dynamic fulfillment and order status updates

Once an order is placed, details are routed to fulfillment which activates the service and orchestrates shipment of new devices. Oracle's fully automated, model driven fulfillment solution flows allow you to complete and deliver orders quickly.

Explore our orchestration and fulfillment solution

Customer self-service UI

Order status and updates

Your customers have full visibility into order status and other updates throughout the entire order lifecycle, including milestones, expected and actual delivery dates, and change order management.

Sample mobile notification sent to customer

Real-time charging and balances

As customers begin to use their service, you have visibility into call flows and traffic patterns as the system scales based on demand. Usage is tracked in real time and customers get useful mobile notifications regarding their activity.

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Customer monthly self-service and tracking screen

Comprehensive customer care

Deliver full-service customer care across billing, orders, offers, and subscriptions across channels. Your customers can also manage their plans online: through your website, via chat, or by calling customer service.

Explore our customer care solution

Customer service agent dashboard

Smart agent 360 dashboard

Reduce probability of churn by providing customer service agents with a 360-degree view of each customer in one easy-to use dashboard including: products owned, billing plans, usage metrics, product issues, change requests and more.

Rather than having to constantly log into different applications, Oracle Service presents all customer information in one easy-to-use dashboard.

360-degree service agent dashboard

Empower your support team

Improve customer satisfaction by solving issues correctly the first time, without having the customer repeat the same information to multiple support agents.

Customers can receive complete service on a single call, without being routed to additional agents for support.

Explore our customer care solution

Customer service chat screen

Self-service digital assistant

Provide sales and support anytime, anywhere, via an intelligent digital assistant. Offer the same quality of support as an agent would for billing, order, payment, or other issues.

Oracle.com/digital-experience website

Intelligent digital CX

Launch innovations to market faster, provide highly personalized offers to customers, enable omnichannel buying experiences, and deliver intelligent service with Oracle Digital Experience for Communications.

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